Republican President George W. Bush and a Republican-controlled Congress tried to spend our country into oblivion. President Barack Obama and a Democratic-controlled Congress took the spending up a notch, all but assuring total collapse. One party is just as bad as the other. How anyone still puts faith in these bozos is something I'll never understand.

After getting whooped in 2006, then absolutely shellacked in 2008, Republicans were desperate to get their power back. Meanwhile, angry about the governments unsustainable debt, the Tea Party movement arose and spread across the country. So like the good little demagogues they are, mainstream Republican politicians promised to reign in the debt.

They even put their "Pledge to America" in writing. They were serious this time. They promised.

With common-sense exceptions for seniors, veterans, and our troops, we will roll back government spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels, saving us at least $100 billion in the first year alone and putting us on a path to begin paying down the debt, balancing the budget, and ending the spending spree in Washington that threatens our children’s future.

Based on this pledge, a foolish trusting American electorate gave the Republicans control of the House once again.


You see, that $100 billion figure was purely hypothetical. As early as January 23, 2011, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) went on Meet the Press to explain they were downsizing their downsizing promise because they were already "five months into the fiscal year." Huh? Were they just plain clueless about the budgeting process when the made their "pledge?" But Cantor assured (promises, promises) they were still committed to cutting $100 billion "on an annualized basis."

"Which means what exactly?" David Gregory asked. Cantor couldn't provide an answer.

The $100 billion in cuts soon shrunk to $61 billion. Then GOP leaders started bad mouthing conservatives who were against their plan. Next came the lame scare tactics of a government shutdown. Finally, at last, our Republican saviors have worked out a deal ... cutting a paltry $38 billion out of a $1.5 trillion budget deficit.

"$38 billion is a good start," the like, so realistic and stuff, pragmatists declared. Republicans won!

But, wait a minute. Hold the phone. Who cares about Republicans winning (whatever that means), what about "We the People?"

Not so good for us. The White House-Republican $38 billion cut relied on some "accounting sleight of hand." In other words, vain assurances and empty promises. So far from $38 billion, "discretionary spending will be reduced only by $14.7 billion."

Scratch that. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the historic budget cut deal will reduce the budget deficit by a mere $352 million. Yet House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) declared: "This is an historic event, the biggest cut in history, the biggest non-defense cut in history."

Bottom-line: Republicans fell $773 billion short on their "pledge." Taxpayers lose. Parasites win.

It's just more of the usual accounting smoke and mirrors; the bi-factional ruling party plays its game to keep the media and public entertained as the Fed continues attempting to put out the fire by pouring more gasoline on it. -- Vox Day

If you still don't understand that the Republican Party sucks just as bad as the Democratic Party, please read this post again. They lied. Told blatant lies. Made suckers out of you. To tar and feather would be too kind. They deserve much worse.

But the best thing we can do is ... Scorn them! Laugh at them! Hold them in contempt! "What fools these Republicans be!"

To take them seriously, or worse, expect them to be you "leader," only provides them with undue legitimacy. But without this tacit support, they couldn't run up these debts and pass their insane laws to begin with.

This is why it's so important to laugh at them. To keep them in their place.

When we laugh at them contemptuously, it not only enrages the politicos, but unifies "We the People" as a community of free, independent, and peaceful people. So laugh at them, ridicule them, mock them ... Don't take them seriously for even a minute.

  • Country Thinker

    There's a reason I'm a card-carrying Libertarian. We don't have any power yet, but I believe we soon will.

    • theCL

      The 2-party system is such a pathetic joke. It amazes me so many people continue to believe it has promise.

  • Smeers

    After Obama's budget speech, this video is incredibly timely: