Death from aboveThe war is coming home ...

"Nobel Peace Prize" winner, President Barack Obama, sure loves him some killer drones. During his first year in office alone, Obama upped the number of drone attacks in Pakistan by 47%.

And somewhere in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, or somewhere else we've not been informed of, unmanned, unthinking, unfeeling robots are snooping, targeting, and raining death from above.

Obama Plays Pandora with Drones

Consider: A drone has no life to lose, can't be forced to tell secrets, never gets tired, can both spy and attack from increasing distances from the target, costs comparatively little compared to other methods, and can be made either hard to identify or very easily identifiable as belonging to someone else. They are proving pretty reliable, too. If you want to snoop or kill, what's not to like?

Drones can deliver nukes, very anonymously. They can kill selected or indiscriminate targets. They are very useful spies. Every country and many groups -- and businesses -- can afford and operate them as they become more available. Again, what can happen will happen.

See, the cops and home governments are using drones increasingly for domestic purposes. People are going to get used to them. In those conditions, how will anyone know that all the drones flying around are friendly and have a right to be there? And if it turns out that one in the vicinity isn't what it's pretending to be, how will anyone know who -- or what -- it's after? And if somehow one is found out, how will it be stopped? And if stopped, how will anyone be certain they know who was running it?

On September 30, 2011 President Obama had two American citizens, Anwar Awlaki and Samir Khan, murdered via drone. No evidence of guilt presented. No verifiable proof they posed a threat. The President can kill by whim with impunity. Habeas corpus be damned!

As we already learned in Ruby Ridge and Waco, once again we're reminded that being American isn't enough to protect you from the chopping block. A drone strike killed Awlaki’s 16-year-old son too (along with his 17-year-old cousin and seven other people).

Sadly, the question of whether government officials can be trusted to arbitrarily label Americans as enemies, let alone assassinate them, seems to have escaped the public mind. Red Team! Blue Team! is all that matters anymore. That power corrupts infallible men ... doesn't fit the narrative.

Even the supposed "limited-government" rightwing is supporting America's most radical leftwing president on these "faith-based killings." Drone assassinations are cool!

A note to conservatives: The government remembers what you don't. The original Tea Party was a crime, the Declaration was treason, and the Revolution was a war against our own government.

Land of the Serf, Home of the Drone

Drones Enter U.S. SkiesThanks to Department of Homeland Security grant money, the drone wars have reached our shores. Hey, the Police State makes a great corporatist partner!

Lobbying Report: Drones Fly Through Congress to Enter US Skies

President Obama is likely to sign into law a bill that will bring unmanned aerial vehicles - drones - into US general airspace, crisscrossing the country in company with passenger planes and other human-carrying aircraft.

Senator Schumer was interested in the pro-drone amendment because MQ-9 Reaper drones, killer drones that are flying over Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, are stationed at Hancock Air Base near Syracuse. However, FAA safety restrictions have limited drone flights out of Hancock.

"If Schumer's legislative move succeeds this week," said the Post Standard, "it would help ensure the future of 1,215 jobs at the (air) base in Mattydale (New York) and potentially lead to millions of dollars in radar research contracts for local defense companies."

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) also supported the drone amendment, saying in a press release: "This bill is about making southwest Ohio a critical part of this high-growth initiative. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) could be used for a host of important purposes, from patrolling the border, to surveying Kandahar province, to combating drug smuggling and it's critical that Wright-Patterson Air Force Base plays a key role in their development and testing. I've worked on a bipartisan basis - first with (former) Sen. (George) Voinovich and now with Sen. (Rob) Portman - to enable the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright Patterson and the Springfield National Guard to test unmanned aerial systems in Southwest Ohio."

Among other Senate supporters of the drone amendment were Sens. Kent Conrad (D-North Dakota) and John Hoeven (R-North Dakota), whose state seeks to be a center of drone development and where the University of North Dakota claims to be the first in offering a four-year degree program for drone pilots "hoping to take the sticks in a field expected to swell to a $20 billion industry over the next decade."

Don't go to Texas. Police Drones Spy On U.S. Citizens.

Montgomery County Introduces the ShadowHawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

It's been used for military operations in countries like Afghanistan and East Africa but now it's coming to a country near you.

"We're the only sheriff's office in the state that's going to have a piece of equipment like this," said Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Gage.

Sheriff Gage introduced his department's newest tool, the ShadowHawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV.

"We look forward to utilizing it in a variety of capacities that protect our employees from harm to the extent possible and to enhance the protection to our citizens and their safety," said Montgomery County Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel.

"ShadowHawk" Police Drone

Oh, it gets better.

The Drones of Texas are weaponizable too!

Weaponizable Police UAV Now Operational In Texas

'The aircraft has the capability to have a number of different systems on board. Mostly, for law enforcement, we focus on what we call less lethal systems,' [Michael Buscher, chief executive officer of manufacturer Vanguard Defense Industries] said, including Tazers that can send a jolt to a criminal on the ground or a gun that fires bean bags known as a 'stun baton.' 'You have a stun baton where you can actually engage somebody at altitude with the aircraft. A stun baton would essentially disable a suspect,' he said. The MK-III also has more lethal options available, capable of carrying either a 40mm or 37mm grenade launcher or 12 gauge shotgun with laser designator."

Droning on in Montgomery County: Unmanned aircraft could be mounted with weapons

Must we? Really?

"To be in on the ground floor of this is pretty exciting for us here in Montgomery County," Sheriff Tommy Gage said, reassuringly, adding "We're not going to use it to be invading somebody's privacy. It'll be used for situations we have with criminals." Got that? Move along. Nothing to see here. No, don't look up ...

How much you wanna bet this new technology spawns a new felony of some sort next session for shooting a paintball or throwing a rock at a police drone flying over your backyard? Do you remember the brilliant shot from the intro to The Wire where the kid hurls a rock at the surveillance camera, cracking the lens? Run this drone flying low in urban areas and you're going to get a little of that. Also, the headlines won't be so cheerful the first time the remote pilot crashes the thing or flies into a building or through the electrical wires.

Of course, DPS is already operating drones in border counties (and elsewhere in the state), as is the federal government. Several Texas jurisdictions have bandied the idea about, including larger Harris County to the south, but Montgomery County is the first to decide that the technology is worth the bang for the buck ($300K plus fuel and ground staffing). The Sheriff has said he won't use the drone for traffic enforcement, but that doesn't mean that he won't change his mind about that, or that the next guy won't.

Funny that he mentions shooting and throwing rocks at the drones, because the first thing I thought of when watching the above video, was shooting at it if I saw one hovering over my property. This sure ain't the "friendly skies."

Houston SWAT Operators Get Their Own Airborne Weapons Platform

Dr. P.W. Singer of the Brookings Institution coined the expression "predator porn" to describe footage of drone-fired missile attacks carried out by the Pentagon and the CIA overseas. Within a few years, snuff films of that kind will probably be a regular feature of ""reality TV" programs" programs extolling the supposed heroism of the Regime's domestic enforcement apparatus.

What more can I say? As the progressive experiment of the last 100 years (predictably) crumbles, and foreign wars fail to provide the circus needed to distract the masses ... The government is preparing to come after you.

The Government Is The Enemy

Our Founder's declared their independence over much less. When will enough be enough this time?

When will enough be enough?

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  • Harry

    This is scary stuff. When will be have enough? We have academic conversations about secession; we joke about building backyard bunkers; we fly Gadsden Flags.... But when will we really have enough?

    I recently read "The Reagan I Knew" by William Buckley. In it he talks about Reagan's desire to shut down the Department of Education. Reagan never even talked about it after he became President.

    If the very poster child of the conservative movement couldn't dismantle, much less de-fund, a blatantly unconstitutional department, how can we fight against the government at all?

    The possibilities are few. None are appealing.

    • republicanmother

      The whole failure to repeal what was known as "Carter's Dept of Ed" was what made Ron Paul resign from the Republican Party.

      Bottom line: CFR types work overtime to have their people in all the key positions.

  • republicanmother

    linking this by the way...