Angry At The Media

theCL  2010-06-15  Culture, Media

The media sucks and the people know it.

66% of Voters Are Angry At The Media

Sixty-six percent (66%) of U.S. voters describe themselves as at least somewhat angry at the media, including 33% who are Very Angry.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 31% say they are not angry at the media, but that includes just nine percent (9%) who say they are not at all angry.

It’s important to note, however, that the question did not in any way define media or differentiate between media outlets such as CNN and Fox News.

But voters have consistently said in surveys that they believe the national media has a liberal bias and that most reporters try to help the candidates they want to win. Just before Election Day 2008, 51% said most reporters were trying to help Barack Obama win the presidency.

Media gets low ratings from public

Like politicians, the media has dug it’s own hole in the perceptions of the public. I think one of the reasons for the rise of the political blog is the public can get a different slant on the news, and, given most blogs proudly announce their biases, weigh the news with the given bias in mind.

Most blogs don’t play at being objective and many times that can be a refreshing difference, since you can then go to blogs which identify with each ideological side and get their versions of the same policy, event or speech. I think this access and availability to diverse but biased opinion has helped shape the recurring perception that the old media is biased. It sort of points itself out when you read an old media article and see the same sort of reporting on a politically biased blog site while finding another explanation (and sometimes other facts) on an opposing blog.

New Poll: America is "Pissed Off" at News Media

America believes the media is has a liberal bias,skew the news to protect their favored candidates, and are quite frankly pretty "pissed off" at the mainstream media. According to a Rasmussen survey released this morning, two thirds of American voters are angry at the media (half of that number describe themselves as very angry) The anger runs across political party Republicans(79%), Democrats(53%) and Independents (68%).

Perhaps because of the way the media has protected President Obama and stories about his association with terrorists like Bill Ayers, or his tendency to choose Marxists for jobs in his administration, Americans (54%) believe that the media hides information regarding the candidates who they want to win. Understandably, that feeling is led by Republicans (74%) and independents (57%).

And now the media wants a bailout to boot! Media Bias?

  • John Carey

    Interesting. So there is something to back the MSM's slide in their ratings. People I talk to say they no longer watch ABC, NBC, CBS, or CNN because clearly there is a bias. Americans tend to latch on to the underdog and want the underdog to overcome. We are the underdogs my friend...we are the underdogs.

    • theCL

      You can smell the BS a mile away when you turn on the mainstream news.