On October 28, 1980, then presidential candidate Ronald Reagan famously asked, "Are you better off than you were four years ago?"

At the time, "official" numbers measuring the economy showed inflation at 9.7%, unemployment at 7.5%, and per-capita disposable income in continuous decline. The economy was in shambles, and Reagan's simple question pushed him over the top in a decisive win against President Jimmy Carter.

Today, the economy is significantly worse, and setting America up for a permanent course of decline, that is, unless our philosophy and policy is radically changed right quick.

A better question to be asked today is, "Are you better off than you were say, 10 years ago?"

The following video created by Joe Corrao 4 Eyed Animation does a brilliant job explaining why the little guy is worse off than he was 10 years ago, why the Elites are making more money than ever, and why you should vote for Ron Paul!

Do you want liberty? Or just more of the same old, same old, Establishment claptrap?

Vote liberty!

Vote for Ron Paul!

H/T - What a Great Ron Paul Ad!

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