As I've said countless times before, the nature of the state is theft and violence. Case in point ...

Medical marijuana may be legal in Michigan, but that didn't stop a gang of armed thugs wearing state-issued costumes from raiding a dispensary and stealing their cash.

So How Is This Different From Armed Robbery?

Earlier this month, police in Oakland County, Michigan raided a medical marijuana dispensary in the town of Oak Park. The deputies came in with guns drawn and bulletproof vests, with at least one wearing a mask.

They made no arrests, but they did clean the place out. They confiscated all of the dispensary’s cash on hand and—in a particularly thuggish touch—also took all of the cash from the wallets and purses of employees and patients. In this update, police officials say the raid was the result of street dealers telling police they were buying marijuana from the dispensary. I suppose we’ll see in time if that’s true ... But at first blush, the claim sounds like a pretty good way for street dealers to put a legitimate competitor out of business.

Under Michigan’s asset forfeiture law, 80 percent of the cash the deputies seized will go directly to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. The other 20 percent goes to the local prosecutor. Medical marijuana is legal under Michigan law but is of course still illegal under federal law. And apparently there’s some debate about the legality of dispensaries. All of which means this particular dispensary will have a hard time proving it earned the seized cash legitimately. I doubt the patients and employees will get their cash back, either. The cost of challenging the seizure is likely several times more than the amount of money most people carry on their person.

This is not any different from armed robbery. It is armed robbery!

This is a blatant police state tactic, where the state makes up its own rules so it can shakedown honest citizens. They picked on a medical marijuana dispensary, not because they give a rat's behind about drugs, but because medical marijuana smokers make up a mere minority in society. Meaning the public backlash will remain relatively mute, making the state's crime easy to get away with.

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