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Make sure you check out my favorite girl Kelly Bundy, Sophie Monk looking hot at the beach, and one-time Brady family member, Adrianne Curry, splashing in the waves (wearing a bikini, of course)! But wait ... there's more!

Mila Kunis, just because (she's hot) ... Kourtney Kardashian is Preggers, so enjoy the bikini body while it lasts ... Mel Gibson's new main squeeze, Oksana Grigorieva ... Jeffords says that "Mel Gibson is a Visionary," but I have to say it's Jeffords, who is the true visionary here! What else can you call a man so devoted to pretty girls, that he even managed to sneek in one more hottie this week - Leah Remini! Who, to the dismay of The Camp of the Saints (and myself), just loves her some Xenu!

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Finally, it's on to ... Avril Lavigne Does Health Care!

Last week, I learned I could slip a little substance (Albert Jay Nock) into Rule 5 Saturday. By simply surrounding the text with pictures of pretty girls, it's amazing what you can learn! You know ... maybe Obama should hire me as Education Czar ... I digress.

This week's pretty girl, Avril Lavigne, was chosen because I'm an unapologetic Metallica freak! Uh?

What could a cute, 5' 1" pop star, have in common with the masters of hard rock, Metallica? Easy ... she performed Metallica's "Fuel," for the MTV Icon Awards honoring Metallica (video at end of post)!nurse-avril

Avril Ramona Lavigne (32-26-33) was born in Belleville, Ontario, on September 27, 1984. She's the daughter of Judy and John Lavigne, and has an older brother, Matthew, and a younger sister, Michelle. Avril was discovered while singing church songs in Canada. In 1998, she was asked to perform onstage with fellow Canuk, Shania Twain. Then only one year later, after signing a record deal with Arista Records, she dropped out of high school and the rest (as they say), is history!

Avril's debut album, "Let Go," was released in 2002, selling around 17 million copies worldwide, and was certified six times platinum in the United States. Her second and third albums, "Under My Skin" and "The Best Damn Thing," reached number one on the U.S. Billboard 200.

A Four-Step Healthcare Solution:

by Hans-Hermann Hoppe | Ludwig von Mises Institute

It's true that the US health-care system is a mess, but this demonstrates not market but government failure. To cure the problem requires not different or more government regulations and bureaucracies, as self-serving politicians want us to believe, but the elimination of all existing government controls.

avril-lavigne-us-health-careIt's time to get serious about health-care reform. Tax credits, vouchers, and privatization will go a long way toward decentralizing the system and removing unnecessary burdens from business. But four additional steps must also be taken:

**Now, for a quick break (after those 2 paragraphs of heavy reading) ... Nilay Patel offers 15 bikini models turned into a synthesizer. Uh? Any who ... Vodkapundit offers the best video ever created by the hand of man or beast ... drum-roll please ... Girls in Bikinis reading Star Wars! Now, back to health care ...**

1. Eliminate all licensing requirements for medical schools, hospitals, pharmacies, and medical doctors and other health-care personnel. Their supply would almost instantly increase, prices would fall, and a greater variety of health-care services would appear on the market.

Competing voluntary accreditation agencies would take the place of compulsory government licensing — if health-care providers believe that such accreditation would enhance their own reputation, and that their consumers care about reputation, and are willing to pay for it.

Because consumers would no longer be duped into believing that there is such a thing as a "national standard" of health care, they would increase their search costs and make more discriminating health-care choices.obama-care

2. Eliminate all government restrictions on the production and sale of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. This means no more Food and Drug Administration, which presently hinders innovation and increases costs.

Costs and prices would fall, and a wider variety of better products would reach the market sooner. The market would force consumers to act in accordance with their own — rather than the government's — risk assessment. And competing drug and device manufacturers and sellers, to safeguard against product liability suits as much as to attract customers, would provide increasingly better product descriptions and guarantees.

lavigne3. Deregulate the health-insurance industry. Private enterprise can offer insurance against events over whose outcome the insured possesses no control. One cannot insure oneself against suicide or bankruptcy, for example, because it is in one's own hands to bring these events about.

Because a person's health, or lack of it, lies increasingly within his own control, many, if not most health risks, are actually uninsurable. "Insurance" against risks whose likelihood an individual can systematically influence falls within that person's own responsibility.

All insurance, moreover, involves the pooling of individual risks. It implies that insurers pay more to some and less to others. But no one knows in advance, and with certainty, who the "winners" and "losers" will be. "Winners" and "losers" are distributed randomly, and the resulting income redistribution is unsystematic. If "winners" or "losers" could be systematically predicted, "losers" would not want to pool their risk with "winners," but with other "losers," because this would lower their insurance costs. I would not want to avril-lavigne-bikinipool my personal accident risks with those of professional football players, for instance, but exclusively with those of people in circumstances similar to my own, at lower costs.

Because of legal restrictions on the health insurers' right of refusal — to exclude any individual risk as uninsurable — the present health-insurance system is only partly concerned with insurance. The industry cannot discriminate freely among different groups' risks.

**Just in case you missed it ... Three Beers Later wants to make sure you've seen the Celebrities in Bikinis! The KURU Lounge says, "I will just have to post another Jana Defi photo." Smart. Very, very smart. "Just when you start to think you might never have an excuse to post about Carrie Prejean again ..." Ahhh ... Sophie Milman, ladies and gentlemen.**

As a result, health insurers cover a multitude of uninsurable risks, alongside, and pooled with, genuine insurance risks. They do not discriminate among various groups of people death-panelwhich pose significantly different insurance risks. The industry thus runs a system of income redistribution — benefiting irresponsible actors and high-risk groups at the expense of responsible individuals and low-risk groups. Accordingly, the industry's prices are high and ballooning.

To deregulate the industry means to restore it to unrestricted freedom of contract: to allow a health insurer to offer any contract whatsoever, to include or exclude any risk, and to discriminate among any groups of individuals. Uninsurable risks would lose coverage, the variety of insurance policies for the remaining coverage would increase, and price differentials would reflect genuine insurance risks. On average, prices would drastically fall. And the reform would restore individual responsibility in health care.

4. Eliminate all subsidies to the sick or unhealthy. Subsidies create more of whatever is being subsidized. Subsidies for the ill and diseased promote carelessness, bikini-lavigneindigence, and dependency. If we eliminate such subsidies, we would strengthen the will to live healthy lives and to work for a living. In the first instance, that means abolishing Medicare and Medicaid.

Only these four steps, although drastic, will restore a fully free market in medical provision. Until they are adopted, the industry will have serious problems, and so will we, its consumers.

Attention Please! Attention ... Megan Fox has a public service announcement. Hmmm ... um, well, uh, okay, Megan? Anyways ...

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Hans-Hermann Hoppe, an Austrian School economist and libertarian/anarchocapitalist philosopher, is professor emeritus of economics at UNLV, a distinguished fellow with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and founder and president of The Property and Freedom Society.

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