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  • Bruce B.

    Alana Blanchard is?? Well she's not Ronda Rousey!

    • theCL


  • Budd E. Shepherd

    As a farmer I both agree and disagree. What you say is one way of looking at. I tend to see things a little differently but yet we both agree that big Ag is not farming.
    Here is an example of our difference in perspective.
    Now keep in mind that nothing comes for free. You need to look at this with the understanding that government is about control.
    You say the EQUIP program spends billions to clean up the problems caused by big agriculture.
    I say EQUIP gave us the ability to change our farming practices from the way we were told we hadto farm 40 years ago, to what is the best for the land. For that I am incredibly grateful.
    I say that conservation farming is more expensive and more difficult to do. I do not see the 5,000 acre farmers in my neighborhood taking advantage of the EQUIP programs. For them it is more cost effective to work the ground to a powder, pour on tons of fertilizer and then bale of the straw.
    Here is where the issue of control comes in. I must get permission from a government official now to even remove a tree. By accepting the EQUIP money and being in the government programs I give up control on my property and my farm.
    Sort of like selling your soul.
    Just an example.

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