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Code Monkey on From my position... on the way, has something important to say:

Tomorrow, 71,000 people will be in Sun Devil Stadium at Arizona State University to hear President Obama give the commencement address. Some will probably say that he is the greatest man to set foot in the stadium.

I will beg to differ.

It Has Begun... State Newspaper Bailouts Announced!

The Grand Old Party has got it all figured out! Why stand for freedom, when you can get an "effective communicator" who can match Obama's "eloquence" instead?  Enter our hero ... Gary Sinise! (ta-da!).  Conservatives better start coming to grips with the fact that today's Republican Party, has a different agenda than they do.

And you ain't cool enough to be a Democrat (ok, it's me, I'm not cool enough).

Stephen Gordon suggests a mea maxima culpa for Republican leaders. If they're serious, this is wise advice.

Welcome to the "Siiignnn Battllle Royalllll" ... Two churches, one Catholic and the other Presbyterian, found themselves in a "sign war." I agree with S. Logan, the Catholic church won! They have a much happier sense of humor.

Todd Seavey describes "a moment on Family Guy that captured both politics and nerd culture quite nicely," and he's a little skeptical about Obama and those burgers ...

... yesterday griped about the Republicans eating pizza instead of promulgating a free-market philosophy (though some people, like David Brooks in his column Tuesday last week, think the Republicans are already too pro-freedom and too pro-individualism). Empty as that pizza outing seemed, I wonder if it's mere coincidence that the world's two most powerful Democrats responded within days with a burger outing? Politicians do very little by accident.


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