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  • totallyMissedit

    You totally chose the absolute wrong example to use for this post seeing as how Gates is WILLINGLY giving away all his money to charity. you fail

  • totallyMissedit

    AND he supports raising taxes on the rich! He and his dad ran an ad campaign here in WA supporting increasing taxes on the wealthiest 5% to raise money for education. In fact, I'm pretty sure if Bill saw this post, he'd call you an idiot and tell you that you completely missed the point of everything he's done in the last decade.

    • republicanmother

      Dude, he has the money to create an elite, tax-exempt foundation that the other 5% wealthy Washingtonians do not. He pushed for the tax because there is no way it would possibly affect him in any meaningful way. And if your definitions of "charity" is hiding your money in your own foundation to spend on social engineering programs that benefit yourself, I'd say your value system is warped. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is all about eugenics and reducing the human population as has been featured on this blog.

      I had a great Bill Gates post at my place, but something weird happened and it deleted while I was typing it:( But Bill's dad was real big into Planned Parenthood on the national level before Bill was rich and famous. I guess you can't help it if you weren't raised right.

  • Beth

    Yes, Bill Gates does give away a lot of money, but he still leaves himself with lots of money, much more than you probably have, so is it okay for you to forcibly take from him or anyone else? No, of course it isn't. THAT is the point that you apparently totally missed.

  • Beth

    Think of it this way, if someone broke into your house and took your stuff, would you just let them if they said you had more than they had and so you should just let them take whatever?

    • totallyMissedit

      That's only a valid argument if someone breaks into your place. You, by virtue of being a US citizen and agreeing to live in this country, CHOOSE to pay taxes. No one is breaking into your bank and stealing your money. It's a contract (albeit a social contract) between you and the country you reside in. If you don't like it, there are plenty of anarchical countries in the world where you can happily reside tax free. From what I hear, Somalia is a capitalist paradise, you can live tax free and any services you receive will be because you paid for it (owing to the lack of centralized government). Have fun with that.

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  • Major

    That's funny I haven't filed my taxes in over twenty years and no one is kicking in my door with a gun? I must live in a different neighborhood?