It's Rule 5 Friday!

Boss's Daughter

It's Rule 5 Monday!

The Pretty Reckless — Going To Hell
H/T - Postaldog!

It's Rule 5 Sunday Tuesday Thursday!

CAKE: The Distance

Rule 5 Update


"If all you [want to] see" are hot chicks and pretty girls … I feel your pain. It sure beats the absurdity of politics, doesn't it? Any day of the week!

Let's analyze …

It's Rule 5 Monday!

It's Rule 5 Sunday!

Alice In Chains: Stone

Rule 5 with The Donnas!

Bambi [Rule 5]


Rule 5 with some old school Prince.

Rule 5 Update


Google decided to disable my AdSense account due to "ADULT/SEXUALLY GRATIFYING" material, specifically citing my Rule ...

With all the gun control flap going on these days, I thought 'Pistol Grip Pump' would be a rather fitting Rule 5 song. :shock:

Rage Against The Machine

'Pistol Grip Pump' originally by Volume 10.

It's Rule 5 Saturday!


Cold Shot [Rule 5]


It's Rule 5 Thursday!

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Double Trouble

It's Rule 5 Sunday!

Kid Rock: Cucci Galore [Rebel Soul]

It's Rule 5 Monday!

Joan Jett w/Foo Fighters: Bad Reputation

It's Rule 5 Monday!

The Rolling Stones: Doom And Gloom

Rule 5 Gold


It's Rule 5 Friday!

Limp Bizkit: Gold Cobra

Rule 5 Monster


It's Rule 5 Thursday!

Steppenwolf: Monster

Rule 5 Candy


It's Rule 5 Monday!

Masters Of Reality: The Candy Song

Debt Bomb (Rule 5)


It's Rule 5 Saturday!

Dominic Frisby: Debt Bomb (The global financial crisis stripped bare …)