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"[T]he claim that 'voters want a lot of government services' … is less self-evident. The current partial shutdown of some government operations helps to illustrate the dubious nature of this assertion. If the taxpayers were uniformly appalled and outraged at the thought of a government shutdown, it seems unlikely that the federal government would need to go out of its way to make a big show of what government services were being shut down."

It's Rule 5 Sunday!

"The essential feature of government is the enforcement of its decrees by beating, killing, and imprisoning. Those who are asking for more government interference are asking ultimately for more compulsion and less freedom." — Ludwig von Mises

War, violence, and the militarization of police in a declining American culture.
What Cop T-Shirts Tell Us ...

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"The State is not some beneficent body of men and women devoted to public service who are unselfishly acting on behalf of the welfare of Americans. Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein, John Boehner, Harry Reid, John Roberts, David Petraeus, Keith B. Alexander, Robert Mueller, and Michael Hayden are not saints. They are not even close … If there is one thing we can be sure of, it is that men and women in the U.S. government have immense power to do many evil and foul deeds, and they have done them, and they will continue to do them."

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"As Western Civilization is swept into the dust-bin of history, it is crucial for us to ask: what will replace it? What values, moral principles, economic understanding, and social practices will prevail in the future? You will not hear these questions asked by any of the establishment hacks – who will confine themselves to refashioning statism in a "new and improved" package … They will continue to entertain us with trivia from the lives of the political sinners, but will not explore either the causes of, or the alternatives to, what brought down our freer and more prosperous culture … their minds do not work in any transcendent, principled manner. It is power, and power alone, that both impresses and motivates them."

Charley Reese, RIP


Charley Reese, one of ...

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"This isn't to say that stop-and-frisk doesn't have its place. It could be an invaluable tool for protecting New Yorkers and Americans in general — provided cops use it correctly. But they'll need to move their gangs of rapists from tenements and poor neighborhoods to the halls of legislatures, bureaucracies, governors' mansions, the White House, courts, and Congress."

A peek into your future … if America chooses to "stay the course."

You slam on the brakes, but ...


Scaredy-Cat Nation


A lame April Fool's joke went horribly wrong in Florida …

Florida DJs May Face Felony for ...

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"It may sound shocking to some, but modern-day America compares "favorably" to fascist Germany of the 1930s with regard to the degree to which the state interferes with and controls economic activity.

Is the Republican Party in a world of hurt? You bet they are. The Republican National ...

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An unfortunate byproduct of democracy is conflation of the State with society. Attendant to this problem is the ...

A psalm of Collectivism (New International Version).


It's not exactlly a secret that conservatives aren't popular with millennials. Indirectly, the following video explains why.

Too funny …

Obama warns — warns! — the peasants not to manipulate his photo. Hilarity ensues.

White ...

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

11 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit...

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"While it is true that a wage gap between the sexes does exist, common sense and empirical evidence demonstrate that this difference is due to the various individual choices that men and women make with regard to compensation and labor-force participation. It is not caused by sexist employer discrimination."

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"The Skidelskys wring their hands in horror over lavish consumer spending, but they offer little reason to think that such spending impedes living a good life. To say that an abundance of goods is not required for a good life does not suffice."