Bikini girls' dance of death near crocs

These bikini-clad ladies were spotted singing in the rain, using champagne bottles as microphones, while standing on a croc trap in a crocodile-infested river in Maningrida.

Bitch, Please!

Meeting pretty women makes men feel good

Flirting with an attractive woman really does make men feel good, scientists find, as they discover it causes a surge in health-giving hormones.

Most women do not understand a thing about men

Women tend to think of themselves as victims of men’s games. As a rule, they do not acknowledge any responsibility for an unsuccessful relationship and think of men as emotional criminals. The woman’s world evolves around Bridget Jones Diaries and Sex and the City. This world portrays men as either charming scoundrels or ‘weddable’ downers.

Celebrity Scumbag Update

The only thing that matters is that Charlie gets $825,000 per episode of his TV show and he and Brooke really love each other.

For people in Hollywood, it's important to pretend that they don't know how this story ends.

Charlie Sheen is (not) a great husband

In 1991 he shot then fiancee Kelly Preston in the arm -- though that was ruled an ''accident.'' There was a 1997 attack on girlfriend Brittany Ashland that led to him being arrested and charged with domestic battery. And of course, we can't forget ex-wife Denise Richards' allegations that Sheen was physically abusive with her.


Lady Ref Breaks The Gender Barrier No One Cared About

Spacewalking Astronaut Seen From Earth Using Backyard Telescope

WHO's Townshend may have to register as a sex offender in Florida

Was Pete Townshend a registered sex offender in the UK from 2003 to 2008? Answer: Yes.

*VIDEO* The XM-25 Airburst Smart Rifle… Freakin’ Awesome!

Since When Is Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" Considered Rap?