The following is a very disturbing story of government abuse. It will make you sick. There is no such thing as "good government." America is no longer "free."

They sent four police officers to our home and took those children away at gunpoint ... Austin was literally dragged down the street kicking and screaming as the neighbors looked on ...

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"Nobody Gets Their Kids Back"

The "Petition for Abuse/Neglect" filed on behalf of Cheyenne Irish by New Hampshire's Division of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) alleges that the baby, who was born on October 6, was "neglected" by her mother on that very day in the hospital where the infant was born.

What this means is that Stephanie Taylor's act of "neglect" was to give birth to her child, and that the only way she could have avoided that charge was to have Cheyenne killed in utero. Because Stephanie had neglected this supposed duty, the DCYF kidnapped Cheyenne a little more than 16 hours following her birth.

Barring a near-miraculous outcome, Cheyenne's parents will never get their daughter back. So testifies New Hampshire resident Dorothy Knightly. Between August 31, 2005 and February 3, 2006, Dorothy (who prefers to be called Dot) saw three of her grandchildren abducted by the DCYF on the basis of spurious child abuse and neglect allegations.

Dot's grandson Austin (who is now ten years old), was so traumatized by the kidnapping that he attempted suicide. As a result he was institutionalized and "medicated" with dangerous psychotropic drugs. Two of Dot's grandchildren have been adopted, and the DCYF won't permit any contact with the grandparents. Ally was placed with her father.

All of this began on August 31, 2005, when Dot's daughter Candy gave birth to a daughter named Isabella. At some point in the pregnancy Candy developed a condition called placenta previa. Although this usually requires that the child be delivered via C-section, Candy was put on a morphine drip and Isabella was delivered normally. Predictably, this meant that a urine test found morphine in Isabella's bloodstream -- a circumstance easily explained as a result of the circumstances of her birth, but was maliciously depicted as evidence that Candy had "abused" her baby through pre-natal drug use.

Believing that this matter would be quickly and easily cleared up, Dot and her husband applied for temporary custody of Isabella in their home. They eagerly and cheerfully cooperated with the DCYF out of the common but tragically mistaken belief that agencies of that kind are operated by people who actually care about children, governed by laws, and burdened with scruples.

"We let those people into our home," Knightly lamented to Pro Libertate. "We opened the door and greeted them with smiles. We offered them coffee and treated them well. We trusted them. We assured our daughter, `don't worry -- they're not going to take your baby.' We assumed that we had rights, that the law meant something, and that the people in the DCYF would have to obey the rules. We'll never make that mistake again, and we hope other people won't either."

Two weeks after Isabella was born, a false child abuse report was filed with the DCYF alleging that Austin and his sister Ally had been molested by their father, who was married to Dot's other daughter, Holly.When they were notified of the accusation, Dot and Holly immediately took the children to the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center to be examined for evidence of molestation. A comprehensive screening revealed no evidence of abuse of any kind.

Nonetheless, during a preliminary hearing regarding custody of Isabella on September 26, 2005, DCYF official Kate McClure unflinchingly committed perjury by claiming that the medically debunked molestation charge had been "confirmed," adorning that lie with a critical decorative detail: The purported act has supposedly taken place in the grandparents' home.

Once that charge had been made by the DCYF, the fate of Dot's grandchildren was settled, in everything but the details.

Please read the whole disturbing story here: "Nobody Gets Their Kids Back" (Major Update, October 14)


Johnathon Irish, Stephanie and Cheyenne- Reunited

  • republicanmother

    Actually, Cheyenne Irish was returned to her parents either yesterday or this morning. They had two other children that had also been removed and the allegations of child abuse stemmed from stuff that had happened before Cheyenne was born. I have heard that they had Mr. Irish confused with a different Johnathan Irish with a criminal record.

    Note that America is only one of two countries along with Somalia that has not ratified the UN Convention on the rights of the child. This treaty will consider it abuse if you "force" your child to go to church or corporally punish them. Homeschooling would soon be considered child abuse.

    This is why HSDLA is so against the treaty. Every homeschooler should join HSDLA to protect themselves against Human/Child Services. They have a hotline with a lawyer on the other end to explain the fourth amendment to social workers. Never, ever let anyone into your house without a warrant.

    • theCL

      Cheyenne Irish was returned to her parents either yesterday or this morning.

      Will Grigg covers it all in updates to his post. Besides, that doesn't absolve the government of their horrendous guilt (as I'm sure you know).

  • republicanmother

    This whole thing with the Irish's smacks of a test case. Just like Jane Roe and abortion or Terri Shiavo and euthanasia. They're not going to start out attacking a stable family associated with Oathkeepers, but one with complications. I heard Mr. Irish say that he had been in foster care himself as a child. They probably already had his file. They're preparing us for the ultimate scare tactic - many have already experienced the horror of having their kids snatched with no way to get redress. I know of a family who had a kid with a genetic disease, and the CPS said they were causing it or making it up to get attention. This disease involves seizures, apnea, and other life-threatening episodes - God help this little boy struggling with a terminal illness without his mommy.

  • Hammerhead

    How was it possible for Candy to deliver the baby vaginally if she had placenta previa?

    • candy

      I googled my moms name & found this website. I am candy. I'm responding to your question of how was it possible for candy to deliver the baby vaginally. While having placenta previa. It was the most painful 2 and a half days I ever experienced. I had a brain hemorrage from pushing so hard. But I did it, just barely....

      • theCL

        Thank you Candy!