Thank you for another great year at the Classic Liberal Blog.

It was a crazy year and there are already signs of 2013 being even crazier. These politicians we send to Washington, on both the left and the right, we wouldn't trust these people with our fantasy football money! So why do we pretend they're worthy of managing trillions of dollars and wielding abusive powers? Why do we argue with our "Democratic" and "Republican" neighbors instead of arguing directly with the 545 schmucks actually responsible for it all?

Anyway … please enjoy the following Top 50 Posts from 2012.

Top 50 Posts from 2012

  1. The Myth of Deregulation with Natalie Martinez
  2. Myth of Financial Deregulation with Micaela Schäfer
  3. How Theodore Roosevelt Changed America
  4. Definition of Individual Rights
  5. Conservative: What is a Neocon?
  6. No Taxation Without Representation!
  7. Government Gridlock with Alison Haislip
  8. Obama's War on Women with Elizabeth Banks
  9. Liberal Democracy with Missy Peregrym
  10. American Patriotism
  1. What Is The State?
  2. Price Gouging with Alice Eve
  3. Give Me Control of a Nation's Money …
  4. How Woodrow Wilson Changed America
  5. Doing Your Own Thing with Cintia Dicker
  6. What Has Government Done to the Dollar?
  7. Moderates, Extremists, Liberty, and Anna Torv
  8. The Malin Akerman Fantasy (of Wealth Redistribution)
  9. Why Switzerland Has Lowest Crime Rate In World
  10. Secession with Camilla Belle
  1. Treason & Tyranny: The Truth about Abraham Lincoln (VIDEO)
  2. TSA Body Scanners (it's for the children)
  3. Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country
  4. Classical Liberalism Explained
  5. I Love My Country, But I Fear My Government
  6. Legalize Drunk Driving!
  7. Maggie Gyllenhaal: Thank Goodness for Capitalism
  8. Who is Maurice Strong?
  9. The Regulators with Samaire Armstrong
  10. Healthcare Fascism with Lyndsy Fonseca
  1. Cucci Galore [Rule 5]
  2. Kristen Bell says End the Fed!
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. The White (Goldman Sachs) House
  5. Republicans Love Big Government
  6. How Anyone Can Get Anything Past TSA Scanners
  7. The 'F' Word with Ali Sonoma
  8. Freedom Is Not "Public Policy" with Katie Cassidy
  9. Conservative: What is a Paleoconservative?
  10. Why Bad Men Rule with Teri Polo
  1. California Seizing Safe Deposit Boxes to Balance Budget
  2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor
  3. Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste
  4. Gun Control with Ginnifer Goodwin
  5. Adriana Lima: How Government Destroys Society
  6. Cass Sunstein's Conspiracy Theory
  7. The Warren Buffett Scam
  8. Wikileaks Scandal
  9. Creepy Bill Gates Population Control Video
  10. An Atheist Defense of Christianity

Bonus 10

  1. Nicole Scherzinger presents Inflation Destroys Savings
  2. Keira Knightley's Anatomy of State
  3. ObamaCare: You Need a Doctor's Note to Buy Aspirin
  4. Ronald Reagan and the Middle East
  5. Goldwater Conservatism
  6. Fascism, Communism, Classical Liberalism, and Hayden Panettiere
  7. Federal Reserve Bank Explained
  8. The Fiscal Cliff and Raising Taxes
  9. Sweden's Gender-Neutral 'Hen'
  10. Everything For the State, Nothing Outside the state, Nothing Against the State

Thank you! Thank you!

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