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  • Darby

    Wow, the depth of your ignorance is truly stunning. For somebody who claims to be a supporter of classical Liberalism, your failure to even understand where it came from, what it is and what the allied and opposing philosophies even are is damning.

    Liberalism can be loosely summed up by the first sentence second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.
    The Left is philosophically in agreement with this idea, but feel that it should be taken farther to the point of using the power of the state against the individual in order to promote and in the extremes enforce such equality.
    The Right is fundamentally opposed to the very idea of equality as is clearly demonstrated when you examine the actual implementations of right wing government. You have theocratic feudalism and you have fascism. There has never been a right wing government that hasn't been violently opposed to the very idea of equality.

    While the extremes of the Left have been likewise brutal, a mixture of the moderate Left and Liberalism constitutes what we know as the free world.

    WW2 was the war of the Left and Liberalism against the Right. Too bad that after we won, the despisers of liberty in America...people like Henry Ford, Prescott Bush, and the rest of the avid supporters of Fascism managed to turn America into the enemy of what it once claimed to stand for..that is to say individual liberty. Liberalism is what you are Right or Left of and it has been hated since its inception by all of the agents of the Right.

    Your gross ignorance and your status as an agent provocateur for the right wing enemies of liberty appear to be how you define yourself.

    As an actual Classical Liberal I hold your deeply dishonest, hypocritical stance in the deepest contempt.

    • theCL

      Being that the above article was written by historian Ralph Raico, a scholar who specializes in classical liberalism, I'll stick with the facts as he presents them instead of your absurd assumptions.

      And if you simply define the right as the Republican Party, you may have a couple points, but such a loose definition of the right leaves those points as hollow as the Republican Party itself.

  • Mr.G

    Darby just spewed the biggest pile of horse manure I believe I've ever read.