Cold Shot [Rule 5]

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It's Rule 5 Thursday!

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Double Trouble

Cold Shot


Sunday Pinup   Rule 5 Monday   Camilla Belle

It Has Been a Hellish Five Weeks for the King of Rule 5


Once was a sweet thing, baby
Held that love in our hands
But now I reach to kiss your lips
It just don't mean a thing


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Vanessa Minnillo   Natassia Mahlte   Natsumi Abe

Medium-Rare   Sex In Advertising   Uh…What?


And that's a cold shot, baby
Yeah that's a drag
A cold shot, babe
I've let our love go bad


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Mary Woronov   The more 'finer' things in Life …   Lucinda Leong

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Hailee Rain   Courtney Henggeler   Christina Hendricks


Remember the way that you loved me
Do anything I say
Now I see you out somewhere
You won't give me the time of day


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Big Boob Friday   Girls Eating Ice Cream   Cherie Currie

Sex sells   Downtown Lewiston, Maine   If All You See…

Carmen Electra   Lesbian women will steal your men …   Miranda Kerr


And that's a cold shot, girl
Yeah that's a drag
That's a cold shot, babe
We've let our love go bad


Another Blonde   Elena Knyazeva   Look of Leather

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I really meant I was sorry
For ever causing you pain
You showed your appreciation
By walking out anyway


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Danielle Colby   Women with Wombats   Barbara Eden


And that's a cold shot, baby
Yeah that's a drag
That's a cold shot, babe
We've let our love go bad


Babes of the Apocalypse   Unclear On The Concept [nsfw]   Janelle Monae

Christine Nguyen   Gugu Mbatha Raw   Nikki Reed

The Friday Pin Up   More Rule 5 News   Mary Martin

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So sad …
Too bad …
So sad …


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Don't let our true love run cold


Kaley Cuoco   Clean Up After Your Dog!   Closing thought …


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