This is unbelievable ...

They were throwing a "party" at a northern Idaho elementary school, but for whatever (undisclosed) reason, Evelyn Towry's third-grade teacher refused to let her participate along with the rest of the kids in her class.

Apparently, Evelyn's teacher didn't like her favorite sweatshirt (see picture at right) very much, so the teacher chose to stick Evelyn in an empty room, guarded by 2 school staffers, while the rest of her classmates enjoyed their "party."

Being only 8-years old and unable to understand why she wasn't allowed to participate (something even I don't understand), Evelyn did what any other kid her age would do - try to get the hell out of that room and over to the party!

When her 2 guards blocked her from leaving, Evelyn allegedly spit on and "inappropriately touched" them. (Do they make this stuff up as they go along?) So, a frightened little girl being way too much for 2 adults to handle, the school's principal called the police, wanting her arrested on "suspicion of battery." (Yep. They definitely make this stuff up as they go along.)

Demonstrating they were every bit as dumb as useless as the school employees, the cops frisked little 8-year old Evelyn Towry, then put her in handcuffs before hauling her off to jail. "To serve and protect" alright.

Luckily, prosecutors refused to press charges and released Evelyn to her parents. But not so lucky for the government, Spring Towry and Charles Towry, along with their daughter, Evelyn, are suing the Lake Pend Oreille School District and the Bonner County Sheriff’s Department for discrimination against their autistic child.

I hope they win! It's too bad taxpayers will be forced to pay for the rank incompetence of these public school employees though, because if that had been my daughter, I may have just settled it with an old fashioned ass-whuppin'.

What has America become?


  • Jackie Durkee

    It certainly isn’t the home of the free any longer.

    • theCL

      Horrible, isn't it?

  • Matt

    Autistic children can be trying, or even violent. However, when properly trained, staff can deal with even the worst without Police involvement. Calling the Police in this situation did nothing for the kid, and it got the school sued.

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  • http://ClassicLiberal Carolyn

    I, too, see nothing wrong with the sweatshirt for an 8 year old. Teachers working with autistic children should be able to understand their condition and not to discriminate in this way. It is an over-reacting district. The parents should win this based on the denial of the party alone.

  • marpou

    This is terrible, and not much different than the little boy being pepper-sprayed in CO. The teachers are supposed to be trained to deal with these special little wonders. Unfortunately, teachers sometimes let their own personalities and prejudices show. And should be disciplined themselves.