Detroit Social Justice

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Detroit City has been run exclusively by Democrats longer than I've been alive. So if the crisis in Greece, Spain, California, or Illinois hasn't convinced you of the horrible reality that progressive social justice brings, maybe a closer look at Detroit can.

D Is for ‘Dumb’ and ‘Detroit’

“Otis Mathis was a D-student in high school, went to Wayne State University ... sued for his degree ... and eventually was unanimously elected President of the School Board . . .”

Before eventually being charged with obscene conduct for habitually masturbating in front of School Superintendent. In other news ... Detroit represents yet another bankrupt government.

Detroit Bankruptcy Looms with Deficit of $446 Million in Budget of $1.6 Billion

Detroit has hit the end of the line. It's budget deficit is between $446 million and $466 million (28% to 29%) of $1.6 billion with few ways other than drastic cuts in wages and benefits to address the problem.

If unions will not give in (and they won't), Detroit Faces Bankruptcy.

Mayor Dave Bing and the City Council must reduce the size of government and slash the city's budget deficit to stave off bankruptcy or state receivership, according to a report released Monday.

Without draconian cuts and changes aimed at downsizing government, the city could end up with a "possible" general fund deficit between $446 million and $466 million to its $1.6 billion budget.

There is no "recovery" in sight. People are moving out en masse, leaving Detroit and Michigan behind. Once the auto capital of the world, our progressive politicians dilly-dally, wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on unicorns, movies, and windmills ... as the economic destruction grows.

Detroit is a hard-left progressive city, run exclusively by Democrats. Republicans don't even bother running for office anymore.

49 Years Of Leftist Policies: Detroit In Ruins (VIDEO)

Detroit used to be a productive, vibrant city. It used to have the highest median household income in the country. Then, along came the government. Starting in 1961 with the Model Cities Program, and proceeding through several decades of Democrat governance, Detroit is now the perfect example of the destructive and devastating consequences of federal interference in state policy.

Detroit is a prime example of what happens when a state succumbs to the allure of federal dollars. What appears to be a free lunch rapidly turns into a state totally dependent on the federal government, forced to enact ruinous social policies that benefit only select groups of politically connected charlatans.

Largely as a result of federal regulations and union policies, Detroit now has the lowest graduation rates in the country and the highest unemployment and crime rates in the nation. In essence, Detroit is a microcosm of what happens to the golden goose when the federal government takes over.

After decades of unchecked feel-good policies that focus on social justice while penalizing merit, Detroit is dead. The leftist policies of redistributive income, crony capitalism and pro-union regulations have resulted in a third-world city smack dab in America’s heartland.

For more on Detroit's history, please watch this video series: Requiem for Detroit.

To top it all off ... Instead of working to reverse the destructive policies that got them into this mess, Detroit Mayor Bing wants to shrink the city with a bulldozer, the arts community is in love with Detroit's "fabulous ruins," and Detroit's US 2010 Social Forum focused on more social justice instead.

Apparently, they still believe Detroit is a progressive "model city."

It's sad.

  • steve

    I would think any Conservative running for office would hold up Detroit (Flint or other rust belt city) as a prime example of why Liberal policies don't work.

    Thank you for the veritable MCT link-fest!

    • theCL

      You have a lot of good stuff on Detroit!

  • John Carey

    Detroit is the shining example of a progressive utopia. It really is sad, because when you look at pictures of the city back in the 1950s and 60s it was the shining example of capitalism. The progressives and their economic and social justice philosophy along with the help of unions have pretty much reduced the once powerful and prosperous city to a crumbling down nightmare. The people are now so dependent on government they have forgotten that is was the sweat, determination, and work ethics of their grandparents that built Detroit. When are people going to learn that government does not create wealth they consume it. And when there is no more wealth to be consumed you have Detroit. Great post CL.

    • theCL

      when you look at pictures of the city back in the 1950s and 60s it was the shining example of capitalism

      My mom grew up in downtown Detroit. When I was a child, my grandparents still lived there and I visited often. Detroit WAS a nice place.

  • Frank

    Detroit's decline has nothing to do with progressive politics and everything to do with the short sited economic policies and the decline of Detroit's industrial dominance. During WW2 the Detroit Area produces about 39% of the US GDP. That dominance could not last. It was the failure to recognize the industrial decline and to diversify the business base that caused the current conditions. In that sense it is the business leaders that failed not the workers.