Donkeys and Elephants

theCL  2009-02-16  Conspiracy, Economic, Op-Ed

public-art-program-dcOver the last few days, I've written a handful of posts, but decided not to publish any of them. Why? Quite frankly ... I'm overwhelmed by the the sheer volume of madness coming out of Washington, and too angry to discuss it.

My blood is boiling!

Late last Thursday, I was reading a post titled, "President Doom's Stimulus Hoax" on Liberty Works, talking about the blatant fear-mongering spewing out of Washington these days. The question is then asked:

... with such supposed high stakes, why do we have the pure politics and blatant pork spending in both the House and Senate bills? If things are so dire, isn't there a responsibility to make every last dollar work to get a reasonable economic result?

You certainly would think there was a "responsibility to make every last dollar work." Wouldn't you?

Towards the end of the post, aaa.again reminds us of another economic "crisis" not too long ago, which also took place as a new administration entered office.

Ronald Wilson Reagan, who entered office facing runaway inflation, stagnant productivity and high unemployment, and a dispirited public. He told the nation that if they stayed the course with his policies, and put their belief in themselves, the country would recover and achieve new heights. It was tough, but two years later he was right. And twenty-five years of growth and prosperity were unleashed. He didn't go for the expedient quick fix. That's called leadership.

But the Obama Administration and Democratic Congress will hear of no such thing ... "staying the course?" ... what gobbledygook!

I like to quote the one Republican, "Republicans" love to hate ... Rep. Ron Paul.

You see ... whether we see "eye-to-eye" on everything or not is the least of my concerns! Only a zombie (or Obama worshiper) can find a politician with whom he/she agrees 100%. The thing about Paul however, is that I know when his mouth starts moving, he's telling me the truth.

Paul isn't interested in appealing to the mythical "middle," making "deals," or entertaining the media. He simply does his job (gasp), which is to represent the people of his district.  Shocking! I know.

Any who ... here's what Paul had to say after voting against the "stimulus" monstrosity:

I just left the House floor and I voted against the so-called stimulus package. Obviously, it's not going to stimulate anything other than the growth of big government ...

The increase in the national debt by $789 billion - almost $1 trillion, and now the national debt limit is over $12 trillion ... so it means a lot of trouble down the road.

This bill turned out to be over a thousand pages ... there was no complete version, no printed version, there were only 4 hard copies, 5 hard copies available to the House. I couldn't even have gotten a copy of it if I had wanted to.

... some of the bill is still in handwriting. So this to me is just atrocious way to legislate ... I could get more information from the news than I could from my staff or from the staff of the committees ... There are only about 20 people in the whole Senate and the Congress who really deal and know anything that is going on ...

So, it is an atrocious way to legislate, but I guess that's appropriate, they're doing atrocious legislating ... Someday though I think the American people will wake up out of necessity, because the bankruptcy of the country is at our doorstep and the destruction of the dollar is the thing that will finally wake us up.

Now, getting to the meat of this post requires one last quote from aaa.again:

In my opinion, President Doom is hoping for a quick fix, hoping that the 2010 congressional elections will be conducted in an environment of recovery. However, chickens eventually will come home to roost, as his pastor has informed us. I don't like politicians who play politics with people's economic wellbeing.

I believe most people share aaa's outlook, that Obama and the Democrats are simply playing politics, and I can appreciate that ... but disagree.

the-self-proclaimed-one-barack-hussein-obamaIt's true, the Obama Administration is indeed historic, just not in the way most people think. Because what we are witnessing here ... what is taking place ... is a fundamental change in the American form of government.  In other words ... a coup.

History shares with us a long track record, in fact a perfect record, of central bank failure and democracies collapsing under increasing government encroachment. Can someone argue that these things, central bank failure and government encroachment, are not what's taking place in America today?

And it isn't just me and/or the guys with the tinfoil-hats thinking this either!  Many state legislatures are taking action in this regard, reasserting their 9th and 10th amendment rights. The New Hampshire state legislature has become very bold, basically warning of civil war.

Call it symbolic ... but the Boston Tea Party was merely symbolic at one time too.

The federal government is also gearing up for trouble.  For the first time in American history, military brigades are being stationed at home. If that's not enough to increase your level of concern, realize that the "stimulus" bill is being used (among other statist tactics) to purchase military gear for cops!

Now think for a moment about Obama's mandatory civil service plan, add to the above, then ask yourself why Charlie Rangel (D) is planing to reintroduce legislation for a draft.

Back in 1961, Ronald Reagan warned us:

... one of these days, you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children, and our children's children, what it once was like in America, when men were free.

What About Those Donkeys and Elephants?

It's great that Republican politicians are standing tall against this so-called "stimulus" bill, but it's too little, too late. It's an unarguable fact, that over the past 20-years, the Republican Party helped usher in this new era of socialism.

The age-old argument of Democrat vs. Republican has ended. It's over.  It's dead.

Sure ... I pray that Michael Steele brings true conservative leadership to the Republican Party, that they ruthlessly drive out the turncoats, neocons, and Northeasterners ... and I'll support them and root for them all the way!

But, this is real! The passing of this bill, officially marks the end of federalism in America.

So, no more is the battle between Democrat and Republican, because neither party has a track-record worthy of trust.  We've known for a long time that the Democratic Party was the party of socialists, and deep down inside ... you know as well as I ... it's OK, you can admit it ...  Ronald Reagan's last day in office, was the day the Republican Party died.

Mark my words, the economy will get worse, and it'll be miserable come the 2010 election cycle. There's simply been too many dollars printed. 2+2=4 every time! By standing tall against this bill (and more like it in the near future), the Republicans will most likely gain back huge in the Congress, but with history as my only guide ... this sure doesn't give me much hope.

The only fight left, the final battle ... is "we the people" vs. the federal government. That's where we're at today!  What is, is. And this doesn't mean things have to turn ugly, and they won't ... as long as Americans - particularly conservative and libertarian Americans - wake-up, smell the coffee, and pull their heads out of their ass.

And if they don't?  Anything is possible.

PS - This is a great video! Take a few minutes and watch this debate between Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, created by greg54444.

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  • aaa.again

    I'm flattered by Classic's use of my commentary. Although not sure where we differ...........a coup vs political differences?

    The difference may only be words. Here is the issue: Rahm Emanuel is on record as saying (paraphrased) "let no great crisis like this go wanting; we can use it for propaganda value and change the political landscape by passing new legislation."

    Spoken like a classic (sorry) commie.

    One only knows how much damage these lefties will do before we can reign them in. But they will be like the proverbial bull in the China shop until we can. HOLD THE FORT!!

  • theCL

    I liked your post, particularly when you compared true leadership (aka Reagan) in contrast to the insanity that's coming out of Washington today.

    I just wanted to add that this bill is not just a policy difference, but a complete change in government ... it totally erases our republican form of government, and thus our Constitution.

    In other words, this isn't just a bad "progressive" bill ... it's a bad "progressive" bill in the most extreme way!

    Saul Alinsky has truly taken the White House. Our government has been overthrown.