Summer of our discontent

Voodoo Economics

America's Fiscal Policy and the Squandering of the 'Reserve Fund'

"There Is No Question Now That the Game Is Over"

500 Million Debt-Serfs: The European Union Is a Neo-Feudal Kleptocracy

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'Robo-signing' of mortgage documents continues despite court cases


For Love of Laissez-Faire

Why I Would Rather Shoot Myself In the Head Than Own a Home

It is the paper money created out of thin air that creates the unfair distribution of wealth that is making the middle class fall more behind and the poor more poor. Newly created money and credit in a paper money system benefits those that can access the money first and buy capital goods and real property at one price before the new money circulates and makes all prices go up. Wages also do not keep up with inflation and that creates another squeeze on the middle class. -- Kenneth Gerbino

Forget the Debt Limit Negotiations: Taxes Are Already Scheduled to Increase

"No bankers were harmed during the making of this fake recovery."

Gary Gubbmint and the Debt Ceiling

Something to look forward to from our government in a few months

Boehner and Cantor are shameless liars

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"For The Good of the Party"

Sizing Up the Republican Field: Fascists, Clowns, and Creeps

The FED Consists Of Little More Than Thieving International Bankers- Just Like We Thought- The Most Outrageous Report of the Year

You can't save free markets by socialism, I don't know where this idea ever came from. You save free markets by promoting free markets and sound money and balanced budgets. The whole reason why nobody wants to address the real problem is, we're spending a trillion dollars a year overseas running an empire, and it's coming to an end. This country is bankrupt, and we won't admit it. Eventually though, the dollar will go bust, and we will bring our troops home, and we will live within our means, but we ought to do it sensibly, rather than waiting for the collapse of the dollar, and this is what we're doing, we're on the verge of destroying our dollar. And then, you think we have problems now, problems then will be a lot worse, it'd look like the Weimar Republic, or a third world nation. And a lot of people know that, and they're scared to death, but we don't need to be making the problem worse by just propping up everything with more government programs, more inflation, and more helicopters, it won't work. -- Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

"Shall Not Be Infringed"

Government is the ultimate monopoly

The Stagnation of Political Will

Which Will It Be?

Elites Still "Surprised" by Reality

The Reich Class: The USA's Modern Bourbons

Temptations of Empire

Cold War Americans Not as Fainthearted as You Might Think

Insurance Companies May Be Required To Offer Contraceptives

Why the State is Such a Difficult Opponent

Inflation is not caused by the actions of private citizens, but by the government: by an artificial expansion of the money supply required to support deficit spending. No private embezzlers or bank robbers in history have ever plundered people’s savings on a scale comparable to the plunder perpetrated by the fiscal policies of statist governments. -- Ayn Rand

Where's the conviction for conservatism?

VIDEO: 'Demographic Winter'

An amazing resemblance.

Musings Of An Indie Writer

Obama-care at work

Propaganda, Meet Modern Research

Meet Chuck Meyers ...

More on What's Wrong with Facebook and What’s Right with G+

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Gaming Vs. Girlfriend

Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The sight of this arbitrary rearrangement of riches strikes not only at security, but at confidence in the equity of the existing distribution of wealth. Those to whom the system brings windfalls, beyond their deserts and even beyond their expectations or desires, become 'profiteers,' who are the object of the hatred of the bourgeoisie, whom the inflationism has impoverished, not less than of the proletariat. As the inflation proceeds and the real value of the currency fluctuates wildly from month to month, all permanent relations between debtors and creditors, which form the ultimate foundation of capitalism, become so utterly disordered as to be almost meaningless; and the process of wealth-getting degenerates into a gamble and a lottery.

Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose. -- John Maynard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace, Chapter VI, pg.235-236

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