The bald-faced lies and hypocrisy out of Washington, DC, never ceases to amaze me. The same Washington dictators who want an Internet Kill Switch here at home, condemns one their puppet dictator regimes for doing the same in Egypt.

Here's what happens when a dictator has access to an off-switch for an entire country's Internet ...

What a phony. What a liar. Further proof that Hayek was right: "In politics, the scum rises to the top."

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  • Forgotten Liberty

    Is it just me, or does this crisis in Egypt make Obama look even more like Jimmy Carter? Muslim nation with a quasi-pro American dictator about to be overthrown by a radically Islamic "democratic" movement which will then most likely become a state sponsor of terrorism? Iran=Carter, Egypt=Obama This thing is a mess. Maybe the Obama administration is taking lessons so they can better understand what would happen if the internet was shut down here.

    • theCL

      By the end of this year, we'll have Carter's high inflation too.

      I'm sure Egypt already was a state sponsor of terror, paid for via billions of American taxpayer dollars. We have the worst foreign policy evah.

  • John David Galt

    It seems to me that both the CL and the American people generally are backing the wrong side on this one. If Mubarak is overthrown, the result will certainly be a militant Islamic state just like Iran, because that's what most of the adult males (those who can fight and could vote if a vote were held there) want.

    It is a moral imperative that that MUST NOT HAPPEN. (Which is not to assert that the US is responsible to prevent it, though that case could be made.) Democracy simply is not what's important: individual freedom is.

    It was a dark day for the world when the Ayatollah replaced the Shah.

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