Hey, nobody's perfect ... but it sure does look like Naomi Wolf is losing her (progressive) religion.

Naomi Wolf Doing Her Part

I was thrilled to see Lew Rockwell post another interview with Naomi Wolf. (In their last one, you could see it finally dawn on her why “right wingers” might oppose government control of education besides them hating literacy and/or minority children). In this interview, Wolf says she is moving from being a progressive to a libertarian, and she calls the American empire “satanic” (!!).

End of America Movie -- Official Trailer

Naomi Wolf: Tea Parties Fight Fascism

In an interview with Justine Sharrock, Naomi Wolf shows that she doesn’t completely buy into the Left’s stereotype of the Tea Parties as racist. Not only that, she endorses states’ rights and taking on the Fed:

NW: I used to think “End the Fed people” were crackpots. The media paints them as deranged. But it turned out we had good reason to have more oversight. Or take their platform about states’ rights. Demographically, I’m a hippie from San Francisco and I’m not culturally inclined to be sympathetic to states’ rights. My cultural heritage is FDR and Medicare and federal government solutions. But if you think through the analysis, strengthening state rights is a good corrective of the aggregation of an over-reaching federal power. Take California’s challenge of the Patriot Act or states like Vermont leading the way with addressing the corruption of the voting system. It’s a good example of the Tea Party thinking out of the box on how to address a problem.

Welcome aboard Naomi!

  • http://thecurrent9171787.blogspot.com/ John Carey

    Talk about small miracles.

  • chuck cross

    She's coming around!