Erik Scott, an Army veteran and graduate of West Point with an MBA from Duke University, was gunned down in cold blood by 3 Las Vegas, NV police officers at a Costco.

Gunned Down in Vegas

To hear the side of the story presented by Scott’s family, friends, and some eyewitnesses, Erik Scott’s death was the result of ignorance and embellishment on the part of the Costco staff, and a combative, deterministic mindset from responding officers.

Other witnesses and the police claim that Eric Scott was armed and acting irrationally, and that his own actions led to his shooting.

What we know for certain is that Scott was in the camping section of the store taking bottles out of their packaging, attempting to determine how many of the bottles would fit in a cooler he was thinking of purchasing. At some point he bent over and his shirt rode up, exposing the pistol he had concealed at the small of his back.

A Costco employee saw the holstered sidearm and told Scott he was not allowed to have the weapon in the store. Scott replied that he had a permit and the right to carry his weapon. He then went back to shopping. The employee called over a manager, who informed a 20-something security guard, who made a 911 call to police.

There are no commands or communications between Erik Scott and police captured on a nine-minute audiotape during which the shooting occurred. Officers not directly in front of the store are heard over the radio establishing a perimeter and trying to block off access to the store’s parking lot. The first indication Scott and the police have made contact is when a officer breaks in to call "shots fired" after Scott is on the ground, already dying or dead.

That they won't release the video, not even to the Scott family attorney, tells me the cops are unquestionably guilty. But of course, in a police state, the police make the rules.

When our Betters in Blue (the American KGB, that is) aren't out executing innocent citizens, they're busy beating the crap out of them. Watch the doughnut-eating wuss, er, I mean, tough guy officer, assault a little old lady, er, violent criminal, in the following video.

Assaulting Women and the Elderly: Our Heroic Police at Work

Brenda Martin of Wister, Oklahoma (a town of about 1,000 people) was assaulted by Police Chief Chris Ford last July 13.

According to The Oklahoman, Martin had gone to City Hall to complain about the dubious way the police department was investigating the death of a friend. After a brief and unpleasant exchange, Ford ordered Martin out of his office. The video shows Martin leaving the office, then being shoved twice by the much larger Ford. Martin then turns to a friend and says something; at this point, Ford reaches out to grab the 50-year-old woman and begin the familiar “arrest” routine.

“He [Ford] lost his cool when he heard me yelling for her [Martin's friend] to record it,” Martin recalled.

Heaven forbid someone attempt to record our State-costumed Betters!

When Martin balked at being abducted by her corpulent assailant, Ford slammed the woman face-first into the wall. Still unable to subdue his terrified victim, the chief executed a clumsy, un-athletic parody of a tai-otoshi throw, sweeping the woman’s legs from beneath her and then grinding her face into the floor. You just know this guy had been itching to use that move on somebody — and here was the perfect opportunity. Sheer martial prowess of this kind hasn’t been seen since Kramer dominated a dojo of grade-school age Karate students on Seinfeld.

At no point did Martin do anything to justify an arrest, let alone a violent assault at the hands of an armed bureaucrat. She was charged with “using profanity in public and resisting arrest” by her assailant, who generously declined to add “disorderly conduct” and “disrespecting a police officer” (which isn’t a crime under any circumstances, and should instead be seen as something of a civic duty) so the victim could seek medical treatment for a dislocated knee, bruised ribs, and a black eye.

Break that Mundane Senior Citizen's neck!

Orlando Police Prepare to Charge Victim of Police Assault

Travis Lamont, the costumed government enforcer who assaulted Daniel Daley outside an Orlando bar on the morning of September 18, is 26 years old. His victim is 84 years old and uses a walker. Lamont, as a member of the state’s enforcement caste, was armed. Daley was not.

Eyewitnesses to the assault insist that the elderly man never harmed or threatened Lamont in any way. His “offense” was to grab the younger male’s shoulders to balance himself when he stumbled. This “assault” supposedly justified a violent attack in which Lamont body-slammed the elderly man head-first into the pavement.

In his report, Lamont claims that Daley “cocked his right hand back as if to throw a punch”; the officer “feared a physical attack was imminent,” to he “directed him [Daley] to the ground with an arm bar technique…. In the process of directing the subject to the ground, the right side/top forehead [of the victim] struck the pavement.” Apparently, Lamont “directed” the old man so forcefully that witnesses on the scene feared that they had just witnessed an act of homicide.

Eyewitness Sean Hill recalls the sickening noise made when Daley’s head collided with the asphalt: “Like a watermelon — pop!”

Any officer who can be laid out by a hobbled 84-year-old man deserves to get his tax-fattened ass handed to him. Any nominal male who can list himself as a “victim” after beating up a crippled 84-year-old — as Lamont did in his official report charging Daley with “battery on a law enforcement officer” — doesn’t deserve to be called a man.

Body-Slamming Grandpa, Cont.

But wait, there's more!

State agent provocateurs talked a poor, lonely Mundane into "bombing" Wrigley Field in Chicago, with a "bomb" supplied by the FBI!

How anyone can trust these schmucks is beyond me ... Why aren’t the FBI agents being charged as co-conspirators? This should make you wonder ... Just how much of the terrorism "threat" we supposedly face has been staged by our Betters?

Don't forget too ... The FBI helped "underwear Bomber" Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab get on that airplane!

Oh, nevermind ... "Our" Overlords are here to "save" us! They're our "leaders," dontcha know?

And let's not forget about those heroic "tough on crime" prosecutors ...

Prosecutors REALLY Gone Wild!

Perhaps the biggest lie today in American "justice" circles is that most cops, judges, and prosecutors really are honest, conscientious, and diligent truth-seekers and that the problem lies with "a few bad apples." From my view, the entire barrel is rotten with a few "good apples" left. However, because dishonesty reigns at all levels, the few honest people in the system over time are driven out.

Furthermore, while much of this blog in recent months has concentrated upon the crimes committed by the government "officers of the court" of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit, in truth, the problem is everywhere in the USA. Here is a story from Wisconsin in which yet another "get tough" prosecutor who has concentrated on "sex crimes" has been engaging in what at very-best can be considered near-criminal behavior involving, well, sexual conduct.

The story is shocking -- yes, shocking -- and I can guarantee you that any of us who did the same thing in Kratz's district would be prosecuted, convicted, and put into prison for many years. Kratz, however, has the very best kind of immunity: he is the law.

So, if readers want to get a sense of the REAL "justice" system in the USA, look no farther than Wisconsin, where prosecutors are permitted to moonlight as sexual predators and get away with it. THAT is the "justice" in the United States; there is none other.

Erik Scott Update:


Public Service Announcement:

You too can participate in the American Gulag!

With enough laws on the books to ensure that any random citizen has commited 3 felonies a day, you can "help" by ratting out your friends, family and neighbors with your very own iPhone PatriotApp!

  • republicanmother

    I had a feeling that you would post about this. Vox Day had a great article about police brutality. Like the fact you point out the FBI involvement in false flag terrorist incidents to keep stoking the anxiety. Even from the Maine incident, these banksters that control our military, have played the from the same playbook.

    • theCL

      I totally meant to include Vox Day's post in which he linked the Scott story. I'm glad you reminded me.

      You know ... I'm not trying to "stoke anxiety," but drive home reality. Nobody loves the American myth more than I do, but we don't live in a myth. Our reality is cold and dark. Yes, the future can change for the better, but not until we first accept the truth about where we are today.

      King George III was a piker compared to the leviathan we face now.

  • republicanmother

    I think the founding fathers today would be more scared of what we face compared to King George. Yet the average American is blissfully unaware that the threads are breaking all around them.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Watching the court proceedings on Erik Scott's murder it occurred to me that Costco and the police had created an extremely dangerous situation for the customers in Costco. Once the policemen drew their weapons, pointed them at Mr. Scott, and began yelling commands they had made a mountain out of a molehill. They had created a situation with some very bad possible outcomes. Erik then had to jump through the hoops correctly or end up dead. Do we live in a free Republic? If a policeman can draw a gun on us for exercising a God-given right, bark commands, then shoot us with impunity, perhaps this is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. I feel bad that we have some policemen who are so scared they can no longer interact with the public in a rationale manner. Fortunately many areas do not have this problem and the law enforcement officers are solid citizens who act logically. Las Vegas appears, given it record of shooting unarmed citizens and citizens dropping guns, to have a big training problem.

    • theCL

      This kind of activity, which is reaching epidemic proportions, makes it extremely difficult for the honest cops to engage in honest crime fighting. It turns peace officers into public antagonists. It makes honest citizens live in fear. I used to see a cop and react no differently than if he were any other Joe. Today I see a cop and my guards up. Not good. Wrong direction. Degenerates society.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Some comments on Erik’s death:
    1) Carrying two guns – Many self-defense experts advocate carrying two guns in case one breaks, is lost, as a back-up.
    2) Were Erik’s guns loaded?
    3) Did Erik own the guns that were found?
    4) The pictured gun has the hammer down. This indicates that Erik was carrying the pistol, if it was his, in condition three, hammer down on an empty chamber. This is usually done by people who want to carry a gun, but want to do so in a manner that is the safest as the weapon will not discharge if dropped or in a car wreck, etc. It is measurably slower to fire though as one must first chamber a round, which supports he would not attempt to use the firearm against three men with guns trained on him.
    5) The video is missing. It is hard to believe a multi-billion dollar corporation has security systems that are dysfunctional for days. Very suspicious. No feed to the corporate office? Convenient for a cover-up.
    6) Keeping Erik’s fiancé isolated for hours, without a lawyer, and getting a statement out of her. Not ethical or fair. Very undignified.
    7) Like Judas identifying Jesus, the security guard had to point out Erik as there was nothing in Erik’s dress, behavior, or actions to identify him to the police.
    8) Any time three men aim weapons at a non-violent person in a crowded place there is a good probability something bad will happen.
    9) Erik was apparently given conflicting demands. It was a multiple choice test where complying with one command meant getting shot. He had a few seconds to comply to the different commands and was shot.
    10) Many military veterans have significant health problems from their service to our Republic, as Eric apparently did. The car wrecks did not help.
    11) If Erik was not a trigger happy or violent person. When bit by a Rottweiler-Pit Bull that bit him, other than being upset, he showed great restraint in not shooting the dog. An average person would have, justifiably, killed the dog.
    12) The coroner’s inquest is skewed to clearing the police and finding Erik at fault. The behavior of the DA’s staff lawyers are slanted towards grilling pro-Erik witnesses and coddling anti-Erik witnesses.
    13) Erik’s death is the direct result of gun control laws. Governments in the 20th century murdered over 200 million of their own citizens in the 20th century. Erik was exercising a God-given Constitutional right. Because he did, he was treated with less mercy than he had shown a dog that bit him.

  • Gary Moranski

    I am sorry for the Scott's family loss. All good veterans that have served their country have problems some more than others. I'm a Vietnam vet with 100% disability, I have many problems and mental issues because of PTSD. I tried to take my own life, but god gave me another chance. With help from my wife family and friends, I'm doing well today, I take alot of medication for PTSD, for a head wound and four cancers from agent orange. I have thought of carrying a gun because of the way the world is today, but I feel because of my Meds it clouds my judgement to make a good decison.
    I feel that if your family would have given Erik the support he needed for his back pain and drug use, this would have never happened. I feel that because he carried guns into Costco, he not only put himself, his girl friend and other people in danger. This should not have happened and I think it is partly the family responsibility for what happened that day. Again I am sorry for your loss, all Vets fight everyday for what we went through in combat. It is a daily challange for all of us, so remember your son for the good person he was, instead of the misery you put your family through because of what happened that sad day at Costco.
    God will help you through this as he has me and other Vets.

    Gary L. Moranski