Some thoughts and links in the Tea Party aftermath ...

Let's start with the following video in which Robert Stacy McCain delivers a tremendous Tea Party speech in Alabama!

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A great point "The Other McCain" brought up here, is what he said about Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty:

The Ron Paul movement was not about Ron Paul.  It was about a movement.  It was about enthusiasm at the grassroots.  [It was] people getting excited about doing something to get things right in this country.

And if you have that idea.  If you are gonna be 'we the people' from the grassroots up.  You're gonna have a lot more success, than if it's the people in Washington telling you what to think, and telling you what to say, and telling you what the issues are.

You've got to know what you believe in, and you've got to stand up for what you believe in.  So don't get angry.  Get organized!

Reading various blogs, magazines and newspapers across the Internet, I've been running across a lot of hostility between the many factions who naturally fall on the right-side of the political spectrum.  Big "L" and small "l" libertarians, paleoconservatives, neocons, Republicans, minarchists, paleolibertarians, Old Right, classical liberals, the list goes on ....

LOOK! We're each individuals.  We're not all going to agree on everything.  That's life. But we DO have plenty of things in common, like Keeping What What We Make Away From the Tax-man!

Jack McHugh (via Thoughts on Freedom) does a great job summing up what unifies us:

The grievance is chronic fiscal irresponsibility, now become acute fiscal extremism.

The target is an inbred, self-serving, self-perpetuating and bipartisan political class that no longer represents the will of the people.

The goal is to send that political class packing and restore genuine representative government, with whatever policy implications that entails.

All I've got to say to everyone is ... know your true allies!

Your allies will not always agree with you on each and every detail, but they share common interests and similar goals.  Your allies may not be "popular" or necessarily admired, but will help you along your shared path.  Many times, your best allies are those who don't think like you.  That's how we learn and grow!

Some folks "on the right" however, don't have a clue who their allies are! 

Case in point: Little Green Footballs obsession with attacking Glenn Beck and limited-government advocates.

Face it, you either want to shrink government, or you don't.  If you want to shrink government, you'll achieve it faster by embracing those who also want to shrink government.  If not, admit it. Whatever you do, Just get over your bad-self because thinking everyone has to agree on everything, and be just like each other, is naive. It's "we the people," not "we the certain demographic."

WE MUST STOP THIS CRAZY TRAIN GOVERNMENT! It's already gone to far.  Admit it.

What is it about Ron Paul's message that scares "mainstream" folks like Charles Johnson?

Here's the Paul campaign Statement of Principles (emphasis added):

It's OK.  Don't be scared.

Americans inherit from our ancestors a glorious tradition of freedom and resistance to oppression. Our country has long been admired by the rest of the world for her great example of liberty and prosperity-a light shining in the darkness of tyranny.

But many Americans today are frustrated. The political choices they are offered give them no real choice at all. For all their talk of "change," neither major political party as presently constituted challenges the status quo in any serious way ... Neither wants to make the reductions in government that our crushing debt burden demands.

With our Founding Fathers, we also believe in a noninterventionist foreign policy. Inspired by the old Robert Taft wing of the Republican Party ... Our military overstretch is undermining our national defense and bankrupting our country.

We believe that the free market ... is the most just and humane economic system and the greatest engine of prosperity the world has ever known.

We believe ... central banking distorts economic decision-making ... therefore, we join the great twentieth-century economists in opposing the Federal Reserve System.

We oppose the dehumanizing assumption that all issues that divide us must be settled at the federal level and forced on every American community, whether by activist judges, a power-hungry executive, or a meddling Congress. We believe in the humane alternative of local self-government, as called for in our Constitution.

We oppose the transfer of American sovereignty to supranational organizations in which the American people possess no elected representatives ...

We believe that freedom is an indivisible whole, and that it includes not only economic liberty but civil liberties and privacy rights as well ...

What is there to disagree with here?  Foreign policy?  That's certainly worthy of debate, but it's not worthy of shunning people who are like-minded about shrinking government, just because they prefer less military involvement. In fact, Paul's foreign policy ideas are very consistent with the conservative tradition.

We have plenty of enemies as it is!  We don't need more.

The Media:

The Government:

Politicians Out of Control:

Now is the time to band together on our common interests to move forward, shape the debate, and make a difference!

The battle will be won by convincing the apathetic that this is a fight worthy of their time and effort. - Jason Pye

We need REAL fiscal responsibility. We need ideas on how to shrink government. Just electing someone from a certain political party, out of the usual cast of characters, isn't going to change a thing.  Maybe we should focus on defeating politicos, instead of electing them!

More from Jack McHugh:

It needs to become politically unprofitable to do the wrong things. At this moment the most important thing about an election is not who gets elected, but who gets defeated. So rather than electing candidates, the movement should make defeating them its goal.

This applies to incumbents and also to open-seat races, where the front-runner is almost always a member-in-good-standing of the political class. Make that identity the issue, and defeat those people. Make political-class membership a political death sentence for candidates.

The government and its bailout-economics are marching us swiftly down the road to economic fascism. If that sounds extreme, then call me an extremist. Just remember, history and the facts are on my side.

The Tea Parties were a success.  Now it's time to grow!

More Tea Party Fun:



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