Every now and again, I listen to local progressive talk show host Peter Werbe. I'm not sure why, he tends to drive me nuts, but I must say that I learned quite a bit from last Sunday's show.

I learned that most progressive voters want results not much different from you or I. They're mostly regular Americans wanting to live an unhampered good life, not crazy radicals. They complain about much of the same issues we do, and fall victim to many of the same patterns that we do too. Progressive voters are not unlike our family, friends, and neighbors.

Not understanding real economics, they're often lead to the wrong conclusions. Unfortunately though, the right isn't much better. Just turn to National Review or The Weekly Standard for example, and you'll quickly realize "intellectuals" (and politicians) on both sides of the aisle have adopted the discredited Keynes. The result of which has been to confuse debate, exalt the parties, and pit "We the People" against each other (instead of against the State).

To their benefit, progressive voters are on top of the Ruling Class power structure. Unfortunately, they've only got part of the story right. Just like the right is blind to fascism in the Republican Party, the left is blind to fascism in the Democratic Party. (Exactly how I'd want it! If I were in the Ruling Class that is.)

What? Did you say fascism?

During the 1930's, members of the Ruling Class were enthralled with economic fascism, convinced it was future. From the New Deal to the modern bailouts, BOTH parties have legislated the economics of fascism into our markets with glee. It's generally refered to as corporatism today.

For more information, please read this article, first introduced to me in a college economics class: Economic Fascism.

Fight the Power

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the Old Right, defenders of liberty and freedom first. Because defeating the State trumped simply beating the Democrats, they didn't hesitate to attack the Republican Ruling Elite. There were no rationalizations of party betrayal, no excuses wanted from their favorite sports team, er, I mean the Republican Party.

When the Republican Party screwed Robert A. Taft out of his presidential nomination, the Old Right didn't hold back. Note for example, the following bitter but accurate portrayal of the Taft defeat by Chicago Tribune reporter Chesly Manly published 2 years later, an example of the Old Right's style:

New York banks, connected with the country’s great corporations by financial ties and interlocking directorates, exerted their powerful influence on the large uncommitted delegations for Eisenhower. They did it more subtly, but no less effectively, than in 1940 when they captured the Republican convention for Willkie. Having made enormous profits out of foreign aid and armaments orders, the bankers and corporation bosses understood each other perfectly. The Wall Street influence was most fruitful in the Pennsylvania delegation . . . and in that of Michigan. . . . Arthur Summerfield, Michigan’s national committeeman and the largest Chevrolet dealer in the world, was rewarded for his delivery of the bulk of the Michigan delegation by appointment as Eisenhower’s campaign manager and later as his Postmaster General. Charles E. Wilson, President of the General Motors Corporation, which had strong influence in the Michigan delegation, became Secretary of Defense. Winthrop W. Aldrich, head of the Chase National Bank and kinsman of the Rockefeller brothers, the front man for Wall Street, was in Chicago pulling wires for Eisenhower, and his labors paid off with an appointment as ambassador to Great Britain.*

Can you imagine a rightwing pundit publishing something like that today? Quite the contrary, they'd be the first to run Manly straight out of town! (Not to mention, Robert A. Taft's politics were similar to Ron Paul's.)

Eat the Ruling Class

Getting back to Peter Werbe's show from last Sunday ... It hit me that the way to connect “We the People” on both sides of the aisle. Not pundits or politicians. Is to focus on the Ruling Class lies!

Every crisis the free market has been blamed for in this country, has been caused by either unapolegetic corporatism (economic fascism), or straight-up, unadulterated socialism. Period.

Look ... The bailouts, stimulus, buyouts, et. al., was nothing more than an old-fashioned bank heist. George W. Bush and Barack Obama both, knew perfectly well what they were up to. This goes way beyond "bad policy" or "unintended consequences." So if you think any member of the Ruling Class has your best interests in mind, I'm sorry, but go buy a clue.

Just as bad (if not worse), in the minds of the average voter (both left and right), Republican policy is equated with free market. This may be the furthest thing from the truth, but what else could we expect? Most people don't have the time or interest to dig into this stuff on their own. They just assume a politicians policy matches his/her supporters rhetoric.

What I'm getting at here is, people need to know that a free market is different than Republican policy. Progressives need to understand that everything they hate about Republicans, is done by Democrats too. Vice versa.  The American people need to know the truth, not spin.

We're in very serious trouble folks. We either find a way to band together, or keep driving wedges that push us apart. The latter benefits the Ruling Class, at the expense of us all.

*Chesly Manly, The Twenty-Year Revolution: From Roosevelt to Eisenhower (Chicago: Henry Regnery Company, 1954), pp. 20–21.

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    This is what I've been writing about also, going after the head of the snake, not focusing on the tail. I've heard all my life about how liberals had big business, but now I see why. When you look at how multinational corporations and banks are in bed with politicians of both parties. Conservatives complain about big government, but totally ignore it when they're in power and get put on boards of these big corporations. These are both sides of the same coin. Liberals and Conservatives joining forces to take out the ruling class is the sum of all the Establishment's fears.

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