There are 2 moral standards in America. One for us mere mundanes (the taxpayers), and another for those in government (taxeaters).

Take actor Wesley Snipes for example, who being a mere mundane, is getting locked in a cage for years, for committing essentially the same act as His Highness Charles Rangel, who will suffer not more than a symbolic slap on the wrist.

A society that doesn't hold its government to the exact same moral standards it expects of everyone else, cannot remain either free or civil for long. It will feed upon itself and rot, as ours is.

Police are now more concerned with quotas and revenue than keeping the streets safe.

Are you sure you want these people enforcing "virtue"?

And that's just a partial list of the many cop crimes regularly tracked by watchdog Cop Block.

See a therapist? You might get arrested and lose your job.

N.J. woman accuses 2 police officers of forcible arrest during safety check

The arrest of Linda Leenstra, 49, came after the officers already knew she was safe at home with her husband and preparing for bed, according to the 15-page lawsuit filed this week in U.S. District Court in Newark.The incident, as described by the lawsuit, began to unfold the evening of Nov. 14, 2008, as follows: Leenstra, who is acknowledged in the lawsuit as suffering from an unspecified mental illness, sent a text message to her therapist stating: "Do you think it’s a good day to die? I do."

Thinking Leenstra may be suicidal, the therapist then asked police, who had previously conducted mental health welfare checks on Leenstra at her home on Limecrest Road, to go to her home again for another check.

When patrolmen Richard Then and Brian Kithcart arrived at Leenstra’s home, she wasn’t there. Police later received a call from Leenstra’s therapist stating the doctor had contacted Leenstra’s husband, Jack, who said the couple was at a tricky tray event in Sparta and she was safe.

Sparta police also contacted Jack Leenstra at the couple’s home after the tricky tray and he confirmed they were safe, according to the lawsuit.

But Then and Kithcart returned to the Leenstras’ home and a confrontation ensued inside her bedroom. The return visit was required as part of the welfare check to take her for a mental health evaluation.

After telling the two officers, "I’m right here. I’m fine and I’m going to bed," the officers "shouted" questions at Leenstra, who then tried to call her therapist.

"They treated her like an animal," said Leenstra’s attorney, Jeff Patti, of Sparta.

Leenstra was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault for allegedly trying to kick the officers during the incident and with throwing bodily fluids at the officers for allegedly spitting at them when she was being taken to Newton Memorial Hospital. She was remanded to the county jail in lieu of $20,000 bail.

After her arrest was publicized, she lost her job at the Oxford Township Middle School in Warren County, where she worked with special-needs students, said Patti.

Are "We the People" outraged over these abusive acts? Nope. This stuff doesn't even make the front page.

We defend corrupt politicians if they belong to "our" party. Lying is considered "leadership." We pretend government immorality instills virtue in our neighbors. We just sit back quietly and accept our serfdom. After all ... we are mere mundanes.

Let's hope the TSA molestations have awoken a sleeping giant.