Almost all of our politics today, is about forced wealth redistribution. In other words, most of our politics is about theft. But for whatever reason, when the government does it, we don't consider it a criminal act like we do if done by an ordinary citizen.

This lack of will to hold government to the same moral conduct we expect of ourselves, creates a huge blind-spot in our politics, leaving us to argue incessantly over trivial matters, while the Greatest Fraud on Earth takes place right under our collective nose.

Theft through bailouts over the past few years alone, has cost American taxpayers at least $13 trillion (not including Obama's "stimulus" bill). These bailouts are of course, forced wealth redistribution from current and future taxpayers to Federal Reserve connected financial institutions. Rather than these institutions bearing their own losses for their fraudulent acts, Congress and the Federal Reserve socialized their losses instead, by shifting the losses onto the backs of hardworking taxpayers.

Sweet deal, uh? Yet nobody is talking about holding members of Congress, the Federal Reserve, or the banksters responsible for their crimes, are they?

Why? Because the truth doesn't fit the narrative, either left or right. Conservatives are forced to accept that our banking system has nothing to do with free markets, progressives are forced to accept that regulators were complicit in the crime, and both are forced to accept that government is nothing more than an organized crime syndicate.

The Great Mortgage Fraud

[B]oth national parties and the Fed are going to do everything they can to point fingers at everyone but the responsible parties as long as they can. But they're not going to be able to get away with it for four reasons.

1) The fraud is too blatant and widespread.
2) The political downside to backing the banks is too severe. Note that even Obama, who has yet to meet an ex-Goldmanite he doesn't want in his cabinet, didn't dare to let HR 3808 pass.
3) They ripped off many powerful institutions, both foreign and domestic. As events have shown, they can't buy off every judge, county clerk, pension fund manager, and attorney general in the country.
4) It's not a matter of merely federal law. Land title issues are a State matter, not a federal one. Therefore, the power of the pro-bank politicians and government agencies, which is centralized at the national level, is less effective than usual.

UPDATE: But, but, it's all about the deadbeats! Zerohedge summarizes FDIC head Sheila Bair's recent comments:


Now, why would a global solution be required, he asked innocently? Why would litigation be very damaging and to whom? And how can Ms Bair be so certain that more problems will arise?

Blaming "deadbeats" not only misses the point, but aids and abets the Greatest Fraud on Earth. Crying about a lack of regulation is no better, because after all, the regulators are complicit in the crime.

No one is going to jail. Instead, trillions upon trillions of US taxpayer dollars will continue being transferred to the government and banks in order to cover up their massive, fraudulent crime.

They're calling for a "global solution" to allow them to get away with this crime to boot, but it's not "respectable" to talk about a New World Order, is it? And we don't dare talk about anything unapproved by our Ruling Class.

But nevermind, because this time, THIS TIME I tell ya ... politicians will "save" us.

Sorry folks, but government is not your friend. Never has been, never will be.

See: Foreclose on the Foreclosure Fraudsters, Part 2: Spurious Arguments Against Holding the Fraudsters Accountable

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  • John Carey

    Great post CL. I agree that both parties have been playing a shell game with the people. This is why I have always believed lobbyists need to exiled from the halls of congress. Them being there does nothing promote crony capitalism and undermines the free market system.

    • theCL

      They don't want us focused on the real problem, which is the them and the system itself. And heaven forbid we call out their Marxist banking system for what it is.