Guns are Very Scary

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pigletWinnie-the-Pooh lives in the 100 Aker Wood with his best friend Piglet. They have many other friends too, one, who happens to act a lot like a progressive - Scholary Owl (who had a Brain).

In the 100 Aker Wood, Owl is "the Academician, the dry-as-dust Absentminded Professor. Far from [reflecting] wholeness and independence, this incomplete and unbalanced creature divides all kinds of abstract things into little categories and compartments, while remaining rather helpless and disorganized in his daily life." [1]

Certainly, progressives are similar to the Scholary Owl - a humorless Academic Mortician, but I think in reality, they're more akin to Piglet, who is, of course ... A Very Small Animal.

In the News:

CNN reports that a man carried an "assault rifle" (their term, not mine) to a demonstration outside a speech to veterans, by President Obama yesterday. The story gets Even Scarier though, because he "was among a dozen protestors carrying weapons." Gasp!

But, the AMAZING part of the story is (to the media) ... "it's legal, [and] no laws were broken!" Can you believe it?


Of course you can. Logic dictates that people who openly carry are the least of your concerns, because they're honest, trust-worthy people. It's those with something to hide that you really need to worry about!

Being Very Small Animals however, who live in a Very Scary World ... it's natural that progressives fall for the fallacy that the Great Omnipotent Government can simply Legislate all Scary Things away. But what the Very Small Animals forget, is that criminals (those who would actually do another harm), don't abide by the law in the first place!

WARNING: It's about to get Even Scarier ...

I think it's safe to say that the Secret Police (government authorities) had weapons on them, much more powerful than the gun this man was carrying. Wouldn't you agree? Yet, notice there's no outrage over these people and their armed presence!

Very Small Animal, Fred Solop, a political scientist at Northern Arizona University, says (emphasis added):

"When you start to bring guns to political rallies, it does layer on another level of concern and significance. It actually becomes quite scary for many people. It creates a chilling effect in the ability of our society to carry on honest communication ... The larger the gun, the more menacing the situation."

The real "chilling effect" to them however, is that the "governing authorities" could be decentralized into the hands of private citizizens. And this ... is way too much for any statist-faithful Very Small Animal to tolerate.

In other words ... Deep down inside, progressives know the real reason for the 2nd Amendment, and it's this, they find to be Very Scary indeed. The reason for the 2nd Amendment is, as Professor Walter Williams explains:

The Framers gave us the Second Amendment so we could have at least a last-ditch fighting chance against government encroachment on our liberties.

The 2nd Amendment is a bold statement, making it clear that "we the people" are the ultimate power and authority, not the government. So when folks openly carrying guns, they are reminded of this truth - the thing that terrifies Very Small Animals - members of the media, Scholary Owls, and Absentminded Professors - the most!

42 Years Ago:

On May 2, 1967, the Black Panthers stormed California's Assembly chamber carrying rifles, shotguns, and sidearms. Yes, the Assembly was in session! They did so, to protest a Republican-sponsored gun-control bill.

No shots were fired and no one was injured. But it was a potent reminder to the politicians, that power and authority belong to "we the people," not to them, the police, or even the military.

I'm proud to see Americans reminding them again! But the incidents do leave open one Very Important Question ...

Taking into consideration that the unidentified man at the Pheonix protest was black, and the members of the Black Panters in the 1967 incident were black too ...

Does this mean the "outraged" progressives in the media and otherwise, are now guilty of a hate crime?

[1] The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff.

  • Bob

    Yes, the negative reactions quoted in the story demonstrate a gross misunderstanding of gun rights. Reasonable people, like those in the "open-carry" state of Arizona, know they are safer. They it is not "chilling" at all, and they are not "scared" or "concerned". (see my blog).

  • Matt

    I know that this does not concern me a bit.

    To state an idea in more current language:

    The Constitution does not have an "off" button. It does, however, have a "reset" button. That button is called the Second Amendment.

    Now, before DHS sends folks to take me away, no one is suggesting that there be violence. We'll leave that to the left, since they rely on it so.

  • Forgotten Liberty

    Thankfully, on that early spring morning of April 19, 1775 in Lexington and Concord people weren't terrified by the sight of a rifle.