There's so much going on these days, it's impossible to keep up.  So here's some random links, thoughts, and news for you to chew on.

Be sure to read the latest post on The Liberty Pen!  Tom's been interviewing bloggers, and this week he's highlighting one of my favorites ... me! :lol:

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The gutter-mentality of the Left never ceases to amaze me.  Even though the 2008 election is nothing but a distant memory, unable to intellectually defend anything the Bush/Obama Administration has done, they continue to attack Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

I mean, really ... get a frickin' life!

Wonkette takes it to a new low, making fun of Palin's baby Trig and his Down Syndrome.  But wait, there's more! He/she's keeping Trig-Trutherism alive as well!  If this isn't enough proof that it's time to shut down the Department of Education, I don't know what is ...

Anyways, The Other McCain hits back with Palinpalooza, while Pundette's left sighing ... "attacking Palin never gets old."  But if you ask me (and who really does), I say let the bottom-feeders go!  Only other dregs believe the crap they spew in the first place.  So who really cares?

Besides, Palin could kick their both their asses at the same time with both arms tied behind her back!  Mike at Cold Fury however, sums it all up perfectly:

For committing the shocking crime against humanity of running for vice president on the RINO ticket, the monster Palin will never again know a moment’s peace: bottom-feeding media scumbags will forever be rummaging through her trash bins; vicious, depraved lunatics like Andrew Sullivan will continue demanding that she allow them to insert a speculum into her vagina on CNN to determine once and for all that Trig was actually fathered by a space alien, and whelped by the family dog. And mouth-breathing boobs like Todd Purdum will continue to come out with the occasional hatchet job that takes fifty thousand words to say the same thing: we hates her, preciousss! We hates them all!

BREAKING NEWS: Diaper Man steals the Minnesota election!  What's sad is ... the picture isn't even Photoshoped.

Rush Limbaugh recently tried to answer the question, "Are liberals born that way?" In which Darleen Click provides the definitive answer, in how baby Democrats are born.

Feeling generous, The Redhunter gives One and a Half Cheers for Obama regarding Iran, while Debi Ghate at the Ayn Rand Institute provides a speech titled, What Obama Should Say To Iran:

It is time for America to be unequivocal and to recognize its past errors. It is time for the United States to make it clear that it does not recognize the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran has not had a legitimate government worthy of our recognition for decades. The country has been ruled by a series of murdering clerics who seized power outside of any legitimate political means. They were not chosen through any representative process. They are dictators of the worst kind.

For decades, the Iranian regime has repeatedly declared itself an enemy of America, openly acting in violence against our citizens. We’ve known it since the clerics and their supporters took our embassy staff hostage in 1979 ...

But we do have much to say to the brave Iranians voicing their opposition to the Supreme leader, making it clear his regime does not represent them.

To those among you standing up in the face of threats; to those among you saying “We will continue to speak even if you, Supreme leader, claim that Allah forbids it”; to those among you deciding that it is time for freedom in Iran—we say: you have our encouragement, and our sanction.

It will not be easy. Our thoughts are with you as you face imminent danger and uncertainty. It will take courage and conviction. But to you, the true friend of freedom, we say: we are with you as you take your first important step towards real revolution. You have rejected the iron fist that smashes you down through religious rule. You have spoken. Stand firm, and we will stand with you.

Sadly, a tyrant like Barack Obama could never utter such words.  Speaking of ...

Obama's New Theocracy, with its "faith-based" spending spree and Washington Created Energy Shortage, includes a “multitude of new offices,” which Boomerjeff points out:

The Declaration includes a list of grievances against King George that motivated the Americans to declare their independence from Great Britain and form a new nation. One of those grievances was:

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

WAKE-UP PEOPLE! This is not a dress rehearsal.

In other news ... Congratulations to Overlawyered who turns 10 today!  And in some very interesting news ... the Possible body of the Apostle Paul is found. Wow!  Good night all, and don't forget to enjoy your government-run health care!

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  • Michigan J. Blogger

    Great interview. Would it have hurt to mention

    Also, I hope they didn't find Paul's bones. If they did, people will be worshiping them.

    We're going to need health care when we get the bill from Obama.

  • theCL

    You mean a shrink? We'll need a shrink?