Socialized health care will be officially signed into law, here in the land that was once free. Happy Dependence Day!

America has taken another step Back to the Stone Age of serfs and tyrants.

America's founding generations threw off an intrusive, tyrannical government. They committed themselves to never be ruled again. Instead, they chose to rule themselves. Thousands of years of tyranny over man was thrown off, and a new age of Enlightenment and prosperity were ushered in. But it didn't last long.

Many Americans in the early 20th century became enamored with Karl Marx, John Maynard Keynes, Mussolini and yes, even Hitler and Stalin. Communism laid the groundwork, and fascism was the surest route to Paradise on Earth. The Free World Flirts with Fascism.

Today, the Declaration of Independence is nothing but a piece of paper. It's ideas and declarations are considered too extreme for polite company. Attend a Tea Party and the left will label you a terrorist. Support a limited-government politician like Ron Paul, and the right will throw you under the bus.

You're too extreme! Crazy! Don't you know what's best for you?

It's too easy to sit around and blame the Democrats. That's a victims game. What's much more important, is that conservatives and libertarians (How’s That “Liberaltarian” Alliance Holding Up Today?) look themselves in the mirror, and face the shadows of their past.

Mad About Obamacare? Blame Bush!

The question conservatives should be asking though, is how did we get in this position in the first place? How come, over the course of two elections, Democrats were able to take back the White House and amass substantial majorities in both chambers of Congress, allowing them to enact this sweeping legislation with no Republican votes – and huge defections in their own party? How could a generally right-of-center nation be taken over by liberals from Chicago and San Francisco?

The answer, of course, is that none of this would have been possible without George W. Bush -- or more broadly speaking, Bush era Republicanism. While they were in power, Republicans squandered an opportunity to push free market health care solutions. When they did use their power to pass major legislation, it was for policies like the big government Medicare prescription drug plan, which was (until today) the largest expansion of entitlements since the Great Society. They took earmarks and doled out farm and energy subsidies. They earned a reputation for fiscal recklessness and corruption and incompetent governance. President Obama ultimately forced through the health care bill in spite of the political consequences to his party because he’s ultimately a true believing liberal. But it was only because of the failures of Bush-era Republicanism that an ideological liberal with little experience was able to capture the presidency on the abstract notion of change.

Today will be largely remembered as the biggest legislative victory for liberals since Medicare in 1965. But it should also be remembered as the day that Bush cemented his legacy as one of the most destructive presidents for advocates of limited government.

H/T - When Hope Is the Hardest Thing

The severity of the situation cannot be overstated.

America Lost

We know that this bill will be nearly impossible to fully repeal, but more importantly, it will pit the government against the individual, foment class warfare, create additional unemployment, shackle the economy, and exacerbate the national debt crisis, while ultimately rationing health care to the most vulnerable in society.

We notice that the (once-)mainstream media are no longer the watchdogs of the machinations of government, but rather the cheerleaders for the present administration. The current health care debate was viewed not as a vital national issue, but rather as a sporting event with the requisite reporting on which team would win.

We see an economy, the engine of wealth and security, hamstrung by regulations, taxes, government policies, lawsuits, and mandates no longer able to generate jobs and income for our citizens. American businesses can no longer compete in a new global economy and must therefore leave our shores, taking employment opportunities and wealth with them. Small businesses and entrepreneurs will no longer be able to generate jobs or even open their doors, as they too will be hobbled by this same myopic and rigid socialist ideology.

We realize, as do many of our fellow citizens, that the United States is on a collision course with national bankruptcy. Yet the present government appears determined, by their policies, to make certain that there is little or no economic growth so necessary to mitigate the future debt crises and make certain that the standard of living for all Americans continues to increase.

Yes indeed, we are on a collision course with national bankruptcy (and hyperinflation). America is facing a communist revolution.

That's why this blog supports Ron Paul! We don't like Statists around here ... an 'R' on the lapel simply isn't good enough.

You have been Called to Duty! What are you going to do?

Are you willing to actively agitate for freedom?

Are you willing to be unpopular?

Are you willing to go after The Most Powerful Office In The World?

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