Hooked on Socialism

theCL  2009-06-04  Government, Socialism

"I am no longer concerned for the direction this country is heading. I am now officially worried that there won't be much of a country for my children to inherit." - Chuck

The Political Class went ahead and nationalized General Motors, in complete disregard of the fact it's wildly unpopular with "we the people." Next ... the mainstream dead-weight media that bows to King Obama as the economy plummets ... will be owned by the government too!

"All Bias.  All the Time."

Don't worry though, I'm sure Obama can find another 31-year old with no experience to run the newspaper business. And yes, this is a radical change for America, but I'm sure they'll keep politics out of it.

Obviously the Federal Reserves printing press isn't running fast enough, because now we're looking at adding a national sales tax to the rest of the taxes we pay. Oh boy! We get to pay more for beer too!

So much for 95% getting a tax cut.

Surprise! The administration quietly announced that some of the former restrictions on lobbying ballyhooed about during the late campaign have been lifted. Obama's Justice Department rejected Georgia illegal voter purge too. Sweet!

Then of course there's Judge Sonia Sotomayor's bizarre theories, and Obama's unusual past ... California is about to fall ...

Strange.  Strange days indeed.

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