At a mere cost of 4,287 American lives (so much for being "pro-life," eh?), another 30,182 Americans wounded, and more than 3 trillion American taxpayer dollars lost, what exactly, hath the neoconservative Iraq "War for Utopia" wrought?

They may love beating the drums of fear in regard to those long-bearded Muslims living in caves (on the other side of the globe), but their policy results tell a completely different tale. Iraq, after all — in the neocon hate merchant's own words — "has instituted an Islamic Republic." Go ahead, read that again. I'll wait.

In other words, the Grand Vision of our Anointed Neocons has turned out to be nothing more than the shedding of American blood to institute Sharia Law in Iraq. And all this time you probably thought "we" were against that, huh?

Oh, and it only gets better … You'll anxiously send a generous check to your favorite neocon outfit once you're done reading this post (if you're a radical Islamist, that is).

Iraqi Christians are being murdered en masse, and those who manage to stay alive are fleeing the country as fast as they can. Christians couldn't even celebrate Christmas this past year. Thanks to the war, Iraq's Christian community is now virtually extinct.

Way to go "Christian nation" America, you've successfully killed the infidel! How does that Bible verse go again? Something like, um, "Blessed are the war makers, for they will be called sons of God"?

Yeah, I know, I know ... Christianity is like, so unrealistic and stuff. Secular, gnostic war on the other hand, now that's real!

At least "we" have a great ally in Iraq ... Oh, wait a minute, that didn't work out so well either. The once exiled anti-American Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, is back in Iraq and gaining power with his Sadrist Movement already capturing 39 out of 325 seats in parliament. Remember too, an "Islamic Republic" like Iraq does not recognize a substantive "separation" of church and state, therefore even if Sadr chooses to remain a "religious" leader, he will continue to play a powerful political role.

Oh, and the new (neocon-installed) anti-American Iraqi regime wants American taxpayers to cough up another $1 billion for damages caused in Baghdad by blast walls, Humvees and what not too. Cool, huh? It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Let's see, what else have the neocons wrought? Our former ally Turkey hates us. Pakistan has caught anti-American fever. Egyptians can't stand us for funding their brutal dictator. Iran, well, they've hated us since 1953 for installing a brutal dictator. The Palestinians can't stand us. "Our man" in Tunis was overthrown. Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain are exploding in rebellion ...

And the United States is flat broke. Busted.


At least we got those weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of Saddam Hussein. Oh, wait, nevermind, that was just merely a lie to start the war. You crazy neocon rascals you. You got us on that one, huh?

Support the troops by keeping them alive! Demand they come home right now.