A Must Watch Video from Alex Jones (via Smitty at The Other McCain).

H/T - Important Reminder.

Please don't bore me with your thoughts on Alex Jones, because while I may not always agree with him either, he's certainly spot-on in this video.

The most-watched program of the night and most-watched ESPN program this year was LeBron James "Decision" to play for the Miami Heat, and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert's nasty response. I've met Dan Gilbert, he's a genuine ass, and Lebron James simply made the decision to join 2 friends in a tax-friendly environment.

Yet this is the biggest news story out there? With a governor on TV singing songs to James too? Really?

Give me a break. It's funny how James is called a "narcissist" for making a business decision too, when nobody (including conservatives) calls the politicians who lie, steal, plunder and pillage everyday Americans (meaning all of them) "narcissists." How sad.

Still don't think globalist social engineers exist? You better think again, and learn everything you can about transnational-progressivism too.

You don't believe our economy is actually going into a nasty depression either? Why, because the politicians and pundits say so? Well, you better think again ...

It's the same thing in politics too. More time is spent on soap operas and gaffes, than on actual problems and real solutions.

We're in trouble folks. In trouble at our own undoing. They feed us "bread and circus" for the masses, and we keep cheering them on.

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