A couple of complimentary quotes about those Diabolical Libertarian Jack Boots.

What’s humorous about the libertarian sort is their urge to control whilst saying they’re not controlling. -- The World Has Gone Mad

Yeah, that's it ... wanting to be left alone is really a secret urge to control. Well, I guess it does deprive those with the lust for power the ability to act on their vice.

I still like the pork analogy, because to this day, no one has been able to explain how my right to eat pork imposes my morality on those who don't eat it. Or how my demanding to be left alone and eat pork as I see fit imposes my morality on the people who want to prevent me from eating it. It strikes me as a question of basic logic that those who want to prevent me from eating pork for moral reasons are the ones imposing, and those who only want to be left alone are not. I wish someone would explain to me how my desire to eat pork is an imposition on anyone.

I am just another libertarian who wants to impose my values on everyone by objecting to having an officer break into my home, shoot my dog, strip my clothes off and stick his fat finger up my ass.

Sigh. -- Sick of whatever I'm sick of, but how sick!

If you simply want to be left alone ... You are a jack booted authoritarian imposing your will on others.

Talk about a logical fallacy.

  • lewis

    I don't quite fallow you... so the only way to not be a "jack booted Libertarian" is to want to be left alone and not talk about it?

  • Poon

    No, he's saying there's no such thing as jack booted libertarians.