michele-bachmannI'm really starting to like Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann.  Not only is she a real person, she's got the heart of a lion too!

Bachmann voted against all of the "stimulus" plans, which includes the Bush/McCain TARP debacle, and ripped Bernanke and Geithner over their abuse of power.  She considers being in Washington as similar to being "behind enemy lines."  As a strong advocate for a stable currency, she stands in bold opposition to the adoption an international currency (at which Geithner has hinted).  In regards to the Democrats economy-destroying Cap and Trade tax, Michele says:

I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back.

Michele Bachmann is truly one in only a handful of Republicans actually fighting for the people against the Federal Thugocracy.  In a recent brave move concerning the census, Michele Bachmann correctly points out that it is "very intricate, very personal," and doesn't want it being handled by the corrupt organization ACORN.  She told The Washington Times, that she's not filling it out either!

I know for my family the only question we will be answering is how many people are in our home.  We won't be answering any information beyond that, because the Constitution doesn't require any information beyond that.

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Another rising conservative star (also known as the guy "conservatives" love to hate), is Texas Representative Ron Paul.  The "cool kids" laughed at his bubble predictions, desire to shut down the Federal Reserve and constant advocacy of a strong dollar for years.  History however, has proven Paul was right along, while the "cool kids" got everything wrong!

One great thing Paul does, is he holds a weekly luncheon for members of Congress where he brings in different speakers to have open discussions about various current topics of interest. While he's been doing this for years (with a typically low turn-out (about 10 per week)), the number of attendees started to grow fast last fall, as more members of Congress wanted to learn what went wrong.

Michele Bachmann attends these luncheons faithfully every week!  Not only does she like to learn, but she's determined to do the right thing.  Thomas Woods, author of the must read book Meltdown (which explains the "crisis" in detail, and how the government is making it worse), said of Michele after speaking at a Paul luncheon:

I had a feeling she’d have some interest in the book, because she asked some good questions. She was taking notes. She was asking if this or that point could be found in the book. I thought I recognized a sincere person who wanted knowledge, not the usual politician who couldn’t care less about what the truth is and just wanted to propagandize.

michele-bachmann-2What about Romney and Bush III (uh, that's Jeb)?  What have they been up to? Propagandizing.  What about Newt Gingrich?  He's busy re-packaging Leftist policy in red, Republican wrapping-paper.  Charlie Crist?  He's busy protecting RINOs (they are an endangered species afterall) ... It's time to face the music folks: The "cool kids" suck!

While the Establishment continues trying to figure out how to win conservative votes while governing to the Left, a small handful of honest politicos from the party like Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Thaddeus McCotter, and Senator Jim DeMint are busy working on passing HR 1207 The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, and its Senate companion S 605. These folks want to make a difference!

And don't get fooled by the State Media and Leftist blow-hards in regard to Michele Bachmann either.  She's a very intelligent (and attractive) woman, who has a mind of her own.  In other words ... She's a threat to Leftist dogma (just like Sarah Palin).  The Left fights dirty, because they fear having their myths exposed.

Get behind Representative Michele Bachmann! In our current national situation it matters little what state she represents, because "we the people" need to focus on placing more honest people in Washington, like Michele, while throwing the rest of the bums out!

Other Michele Bachmann Accomplishments of Interest:

  • Opposed the auto bailouts.
  • Questioned Bush on the Iraqi troop increase (whether you agree with her or not, rest assured, she doesn't make decisions based on the "party-line").
  • Opposed an increase in student loan subsidies.
  • Introduced a bill to phase-out "light bulb tyranny."
  • Fights for freedom by strongly opposing Obama's mandatory Americorps "service-learning."
  • Doesn't buy into the "global warming" crap propaganda.

Support Michele Bachmann, a rebel with a cause!

  • Jan Freeman

    Can we get this woman to run for the presidency? She'd be a wonderful leader for our country!

    • theCL

      We could use someone like Bachmann in the White House. She's got heart!

  • richard

    Bachmann for president? Add Palin for VP and you've got yourself a presidential ticket that will scare the daylights out of anyone in the country with an IQ over 90.

    • brain

      Is that a good or bad thing? Anti-intellectualism is the fast track to idiocracy.

    • Dave

      I can see the tagline now:

      Retards for Bachmann/Palin 2012.

  • Kevin

    We don't need "heart" in the White House, we need *BRAINS*...Michele and Sarah don't fit that bill AT ALL.

  • http://totalrecall2010.blogspot.com Doug Cochran

    BRAINS? I thought that was already in the Whitehouse and look where that got us. We don't need a Harvard professor, we need a real American who is in touch with the American people like Michelle or Sarah. Or both?

  • redpens

    We need a real American like Michele Bachmann, not a far-left anti-American socialist like Obama.

  • Rocko D

    This woman is crazy! Commit her!

    • Ivan Drago

      My bet is you'd be the one on the crazy train before Michelle. She's smart, good looking, and people like her.

  • Frank

    Matthew 6:5-7 "don't be like these Christian-right nutjobs. They're freeloaders & babbling pagans and my Dad in Heaven says they're only padding their own wallets here on earth" signed Jesus. Or, as the Whacko Kid told Black Bart, "what did ya expect, come to dinner. Marry my daughter...they're the salt of the earth, the common clay of the new west...you know...MORONS"! I hold the door for that same little ol' lady each Sunday at the mega-church!

  • Toon The News

    The reason Michele Bachmann is so popular DESPITE the fact she is obviously not perfect is because Joe Middle America thinks she is attractive. A prime example is this video.
    Finally accepting the fact that they make mistakes and aren't perfect, the Tea Party is attempting to appeal to the American Idol demographic with a music video.
    The Michele Bachman Trio sings “ We know we weren't perfect"

    Even though this is a parody poking fun at Michele Bachman I bet there are those that will think it is a really promo video despite the historically inaccurate babble. She can make the most ridiculous statement and the Tea Party drones will just keep fawning over her regardless of the fact that in doing so they are voting against their own interests.

  • Jennifer

    It is time that the beautiful and intelligent women in our country get to become the next president. I support Michele and hope she runs for presidency and brings the nation's financial situation up again. Down with socialism.

  • Charlie

    Michele Bachmann is sooo hot : P

  • James

    I'd rather be waterboarded with cat urine before I'd vote for her, but she is a very beautiful woman. Those eyes are hypnotic, sort of like Rasputin's.