All the crazies were at the state capitol today!  I tell ya ... It was sooo scary.

There were black helicopters and everything!  Very cool. :-)

I attended the Tea Party in Lansing Michigan today yesterday.  It was great!  This movement is building a community!

According to the Detroit News, about 5,000 protesters "expressed anger" in Lansing today.  Yeah, anger ... They must have seen this little girl holding a sign saying "Change Even I Can Count."

Is cuteness scary to the Left?


If these people are "rightwing extremists," then ...count me in as an "extremist!"


I say "Let the Tea Party Protests Begin!"

Wait ... the Gallup Poll has just alerted that "All Are Happy To Pay Taxes Now!"


The Left are in denial over the Tea Parties. Trillions of dollars spent on "bailouts," most of which hasn't been accounted for ... and they're bitchin' about Tea Parties?


Doug Powers has some great pictures of Michigan "Right Wing Extremists." See even more great photos of the Lansing Michigan Tea Party here!


"Joe the Plumber" gave a speech.  The whole event was a good time!  I talked with a lot of people too, and contrary to what the propaganda machine wants you to believe, it was a peaceful, friendly, fun ... and most certainly a non-partisan event!


Government is People and People are Corrupt and Corruptable. Tax Day Tea Protesters are as fed up with Republicans as we are with Democrats!

This is a warning to "fair-weather" Republicans ... Did you fall for the Chicken Little scenarios plied by Paulson et al.?


President Barack Obama claims to be "unaware" the Tea Parties are taking place. Democratic Political strategist Paul Begala calls the protesters  "whimpy whining weasels who don't love their country."

They just want you to "Shut-up and eat your Stimulus, it's good for you!"


The Left seems to think this exercise in free speech is fascism. We're just a bunch of "tea-bagging" right wing extremists." Well, they're wrong ... The Tea Parties were a success all across the nation! Proof they're all washed-up.

Grand Rapids Michigan! 

Sacramento California!



They attacked our veterans! Then a CNN Reporter got all bent out of shape at the protesters. She must have attended one of Obama's agitation schools.


A couple Republican politicos were on hand, very much enjoying the day.  The picture below is of yours truly and rising conservative star Representative Thaddeus McCotter. That's also Saul Anuzis in the background, talking to a reporter.  Saul was there to "twitter" the event.

Make sure to read this excellent advice, in case you're asked by a reporter for an interview.


So nevermind the Leftist argument that you should "Shut-up!" The mainstream "believes" in government and the power of Elites. 

They'll come up with all sorts on nonsense.  They may attempt to use "science" to clear the playing field for action to be taken, squawk some psycho-babble, and keep continuing their cheap attempts at smear.


The Tea Party movement is a genuine grassroots movement! 

On December 16 2007, Ron Paul's supporters held the first modern-day Tea Party and raised over $6 million for the Campaign For Liberty in only one day!  Then, earlier this year CNBC's Rick Santelli went on a rant, and the movement exploded!

Michelle Malkin provides the rest of the historic details in a "Tax Day Tea Party Cheat Sheet."


Let's not lose our message! The movement is growing, and soon more and more people will realize that we're all in this together!

We are making a difference!




  • Michigan J. Blogger

    Such extreme views you have here, CL. You should be on some list some where. Just watch MSNBC and you will see how these Tea Parties were full of racist, anti-American, nut jobs.

  • aaa again

    Did anyone see Jenine Garofolo explaining to Kieth Olberman that tea Partyers were racists protesting a black president BECAUSE THE LIMBIC SYTEM IN THEIR BRAIN PRESSES AGAINST THEIR SKULLS???!!!

    I'm not kidding. She should be a CNN reporter.....

  • theCL

    Yeah, I saw it. It'll be in my next post. Her ignorance is extreme. I worry that she's allowed to operate a vehicle.

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  • John Imrie

    "whimpy whining weasels who don't love their country." Screw You Begala

  • Joe Wood

    Make D. Rep Mark Schaurer your next target now that you got, Bart Stupak, Schauer is ranting in his Democratic Ads that he took on the Big Insurance companies and Won for the American people!! He is a scum bag, his district is South Michigan, Jackson & Battle Creek.

    Rep. Mark Schauer, a freshman Democrat representing southern Michigan, said there's been some loud opposition at his meetings with voters, dairy farmers and small business owners. But most people, he said, just want to learn more about the program.

    "I think it's my obligation to inform my constituents about what's going on," Schauer said