Direct from the Mises Economics Blog, please enjoy your Penalties for Music Piracy ...

Seriously, this is unbelievable! It costs more to be convicted of file-sharing, than it does to be convicted of mugging someone, stalking someone, setting their house on fire, or even killing them (in a 2nd class way)!

Is it just me? Or is somethin' just not smelling right?

Seven Crimes to Consider Before Music Piracy

Steal a child, preferably from a recording artist.
That's right, the fine for regular old, Class 4 Felony child abduction is $25,000. It can also include one to three years in prison. So, if you get spanked as hard as possible after ganking a silly named celebrity child, you'll be down $175,699.

Steal the actual CD.
So instead of Kazaa, I'm going to swipe it from Best Buy. Retail theft of less that $150 (which is like, what, 10 CD's?) is a Class A misdemeanor. The penalty? Up to one year in jail and/or a fine of $2,500. At most you'd be down about $52,500. Beats $2 million though, huh?

Rob Bryan Adams.
There's Bryan Adams next door, tooling around on his new John Deere riding lawn mower ... Can't afford one, can you? No problem! Punch him in the face and take it ... The penalties come to a meager $376,631 ...

Set Lars Ulrich's house on fire.
... doesn't Metallica have a song about setting shit on fire? They probably do, it's Metallica. What could go wrong? ... another Class 2 felony. ($376,631)

Stalk Reba McEntire.
Hang out in her front yard, take pictures of her driving and shopping, send her weirdo letters - you name it, stalking is awesome! ... It's just [$175,000 and you're done].

Learn from Michael Vick: Start a Dog Fighting Empire
A max of about $200,000! Not too big of a deal when viewed against the dire backdrop of music piracy, huh? Suck it PETA!

Murder Someone, Second-Degree style.
Basically all "Second Degree" means is that you were provoked in such a way that it would cause you to have an "intense passion ..." Second Degree murder is only a Class 1 felony ... Read it all at Gapers Block, Seven Crimes to Consider Before Music Piracy.