The Myth of Karl Rove

theCL  2009-06-11  Op-Ed, Party Politics

I've always laughed at the idea that Karl Rove was some sort of "political genius."  Sure, he's won a number of elections, but like I always say, "win what?" What exactly did he win?

Here's the reality ... Karl Rove is greatly responsible, for taking a GOP that won in 1994 on a limited-government platform, and turning it into a Progressive Big Government party, high on printing money!

As Daniel J. Mitchell points out in his Cato Blog (emphasis added):

Karl Rove should have been named Man of the Year at some point by the Democratic National Committee. The political consultant/Bush adviser played a big role in expanding the burden of government, convincing Bush to saddle the nation with fiscal disasters such as the "no-bureaucrat-left-behind" education bill, the corrupt farm bills, the pork-filled transportation bills, and the horrific new entitlement for prescription drugs. He also helped ruin the GOP image with his inside-the-beltway version of "compassionate conservatism," thus paving the way for big Democratic victories in 2006 and 2008.

I can understand why libertarians have no desire to listen to his advice, but I'm baffled why Republicans or conservatives would give him the time of day.

Yet the "genius" responsible for destroying Ronald Reagan's Republican Party, is on TV, in print, on radio, etc.  Want more of the same?  Just listen to Karl Rove!

And talk about "audacity" ... Karl "Prescription Drugs" Rove, has a piece in the Wall Street Journal titled "How to Stop Socialized Health Care":

In other words, the public option is just phony. It's a bait-and-switch tactic meant to reassure people that the president's goals are less radical than they are. Mr. Obama's real aim, as some candid Democrats admit, is a single-payer, government-run health-care system.

Defeating the public option should be a top priority for the GOP this year. Otherwise, our nation will be changed in damaging ways almost impossible to reverse.

Karl Rove, the man responsible for No Child Left Behind, McCain-Feingold, Prescription Drug Giveaways, Nation-Building, Farm Subsidies, Steel Tariffs, Record Federal Deficits ... now wants to tell us how to shrink the government?

Yeah, Karl ... I'll call a drunk to come pick me up when I need a ride home too.

Karl Rove is the archetect of the Republican Party's final betrayal of conservaitve America.  That's his legacy, and that's why his advice is worthless.

So long Karl Rove ... and thanks for all the fish!

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