Wake-up America! Wake-up now! Because every day that goes by, the struggle for our liberty becomes that much harder. Not only is the sovereignty of the nation at stake, but worse, your personal sovereignty is being demolished too.

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. Our Washington Overlords intend to drive the last stake through the heart of the American Creed. The 2-party system has failed.

"I would argue that we are, as a nation, in deep peril because that founding set of rules, the Constitution, is being largely ignored by the Congress. They have forgotten it is there apparently. Certainly, if we are to endure as a nation that honors and protects the liberties our Founders knew we were endowed with, then we must insist that Congress obeys the Constitution. Without the Constitution, we are without hope. If the boundaries our Founders set for governmental power are not respected and followed then each of our liberties will, sooner or later, be sacrificed upon the altar of Statism." - Doug Hagin.

True, all true. But what about "we the people?" Aren't we the one's who voted for "compassionate progressive conservatism," and stumped for "Wilsonian" McCain? Seriously. McCain drastically infringed our right of free speech, and "suspended" his campaign to pass TARP.

What about Bush? Don't even get me started ... No Child Left Behind, prescription drugs, never-ending war, stimulus, TARP, bailouts, do I need to go on? Bush was no conservative. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Yes. You better believe I'm ripping on Bush and McCain (and the rest of the Republican Establishment). Why?

"Simple. I'm a conservative. It's you liberals who idolize politicians. This is the problem with so many of you people out there who want to call yourselves conservatives: You endorse liberal values.

It's liberals who believe you should never make value judgments. We conservatives believe you should never make anything but value judgments. And by any reasonable judgment, Bush was a disaster." - Paul Mulshine.

And it's time to lay the blame where it belongs ...

"I wonder when the public is going to start holding itself responsible. It’s such an abdication of our responsibilities to pretend that these politicians are uncontrollable or unstoppable when it is the public that puts them into office and hands over their power. Too “busy” to be bothered with the decisions that will alter their lives, they vote in whatever scumbag promises them the most.

[I]f the public wants things to change in Washington it is up to them to change it. Normal citizens need to run for office on whatever ticket they can, independent if they have to, and give these power-hungry pols a run for their money. It was never supposed to be like this. Read our founding documents. It was never supposed to be like this. It is we the people who have allowed it to get this far and it is only we the people who can stop it and take power back." - Monique Stuart.

Monique is right. It is "we the people" who have wrought the disaster that is upon us. The GOP couldn't even seize the moral high ground on socialized health care, and now, it looks like our Overlords in Washington will be our doctors.

Yes, It Really Is That Bad.

This ain't about the Republican Party folks. It's about each one of us, as the individuals we are. Groups are just an abstract. Only individuals exist. We're in a genuine fight for freedom in America once again. So make sure you're fighting the right fight, because the consequences are dire ...

"The Leftists in power seek nothing less than an overthrow of EVERYTHING America is and stands for. They want nothing less than to make everyone subservient and enslaved to their version of the state." - Bob Belvedere.

Global governance.

Election fraud.

Pay Czar.

Burkha Barbie.

Union Thugs.

“Workers of the World Unite!”

Your kids being OWNED by the State.

Our progressive future.

Detroit’s Socialist Nightmare Is America’s Future.

Fundamental Change.

Your individual liberty is at stake.

  • http://www.thecampofthesaints.com Bob Belvedere

    Despite the fact that you quoted me, I must say, Mike, this is one of your best postings ever. BRAVO!

  • theCL

    Thanks! I really appreciate it.