Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, is dead.

President Barack Obama made a live statement shortly after 11:30 p.m. Sunday from the East Room of the White House: "Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, and a terrorist who’s responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children ... justice has been done."

US forces kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan

Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans, was slain in his luxury hideout in Pakistan early Monday in a firefight with U.S. forces, ending a manhunt that spanned a frustrating decade.

Bin Laden, 54, was killed after a gunbattle with Navy SEALs and CIA paramilitary forces at a compound in the city of Abbottabad. He was shot in the left eye, NBC News reported.

The special operations forces were on the ground for less than 40 minutes and the operation was watched in real-time by CIA director Leon Panetta and other intelligence officials in a conference room at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, an official said on condition of anonymity.

The team returned to Afghanistan with bin Laden's body, U.S. officials said.

Since it's impossible to believe a word that comes out of Washington, DC these days, I look forward to seeing the evidence. Because for all we know right now, Osama bin Laden was killed years ago, or perhaps he's still alive and well today. One can't help but to be suspicious of the timing of this news. After all, the Fed's debasement of the dollar is causing food and energy prices to rise, the federal government's budget is a disaster, the debt-ceiling has been reached, oh, and the economy is a complete wreck too.

A little "wag the dog" would go along way for the Ruling Class right now, but then again, the "political cost of ... a valid 'Neener, neener, neener' tape from bin Laden, would be in the catastrophic range." So, who knows at this point? The only thing I know for sure is that we've heard this story before: "Report: Bin Laden Already Dead" (Wednesday, December 26, 2001).

Osama bin Laden's dead body would certainly help.

NBC News reported that bin Laden was later buried at sea.

Islamic tradition calls for a body to be buried within 24 hours, but finding a country willing to accept the remains of the world's most wanted terrorist would have been difficult, a senior administration official said.

Well, how convenient. No dead body. "Islamic tradition" and all ...

Bin Laden was holed up in a two-story house 100 yards from a Pakistani military academy when four helicopters carrying U.S. forces swooped in, leaving his final hiding place in flames, Pakistani officials and a witness said.

They said bin Laden's guards opened fire from the roof of the compound and one of the choppers crashed. It was later destroyed by the U.S. team. U.S. officials said no Americans were hurt in the operation.

But of course they had to destroy the evidence chopper. You don't want valuable information and technology getting into the hands of the enemy, do you? I mean, practically anyone can get into a small compound that is under complete control of the U.S. military and steal a downed helicopter. For crying out loud, they better burn the whole place down!

Abbottabad is home to three Pakistan army regiments and thousands of military personnel and is dotted with military buildings. BBC News described the army site as the country's equivalent to West Point.

The discovery that bin Laden was living in an army town in Pakistan raises pointed questions about how he managed to evade capture and even whether Pakistan's military and intelligence leadership knew of his whereabouts and sheltered him.

I'm with Steve Sailer on this. Pakistan had to know. "Pakistani government insiders put him right in their pocket so they could protect him."

They've been scamming us for billions of dollars for years pretending to help us chase Osama Bin Laden while they've been sheltering him in their equivalent of West Point, Annapolis, and Colorado Springs rolled into one. He was an official guest of the Deep State of Pakistan. Maybe the elected leaders didn't know, or didn't want to know because they might end up as dead as Benazir Bhutto.

That means Pakistan is on the other side, more so than the Taliban. And they were getting paid to do it by the United States.

Do we want to know that? Do we want to go to war with Pakistan? Should we flatten the Pakistan Military Academy?

Probably not, so I'll put it on my blog, which means that the fact that Pakistan's Deep State has scammed us by protecting America's Enemy #1 will turn into Official Unknowledge.

Well, at least ten years later, a few trillion dollars shorter, and thousands of lives lost, we'll finally get some of our liberties back, right? I mean, now that the terrorist "leader" is dead and all, the global terrorist network will crumble, the wars will come to an end, the PATRIOT Act repealed, and both the Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration will be disbanded. "We" are, after all, fighting for our liberty.

The news of bin Laden's death immediately raised concerns that reprisal attacks from al-Qaida and other Islamist extremist groups could follow soon.

"In the wake of this operation, there may be a heightened threat to the U.S. homeland," a U.S. official said.

Wait a minute here. Hold the phone. Was that a warning of "reprisal attacks?" Hmmmm ... and all this time I thought even mentioning the risk of "blowback" was definitively "kooky," "crazy," and downright "unAmerican." Considering that Our Dear Mayor had never even "heard that before," how could this possibly be true? It's our freedom they hate, not our bombs.

Besides, it's not like al-Qaida just acquired a martyr or anything useful like that ... "The symbolism of bin Laden’s death could cut either way," says Daniel McCarthy, "but there are good reasons to think the significance attached to OBL’s death will perpetuate the evils he wreaked in life."

The U.S. is taking every possible precaution. The State Department has sent advisories to embassies worldwide and has issued a travel ban for Pakistan."

Police in New York, site of the deadliest attack on Sept. 11, said they had already begun to "ramp up" security on their own.

Other local law enforcement agencies around the U.S. are adding extra security measures out of "an abundance of caution," according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

[Obama] stressed that the effort against the organization continues ... "We must and we will remain vigilant at home and abroad" ...

That's right folks. We've got to be like so "realistic" and stuff, "pragmatic," dontcha know? We ain't got time for silly abstract notions of liberty in our once "land of the free." Not with so many Very Scary bogeymen at large. "We've always been at war with Eastasia."

Nobel Peace Prize winning President Obama is on quite a roll, isn't he? First he expanded the war in Afghanistan, then followed that up by killing innocents with predator drone attacks in Pakistan and increasing the number of "secret wars" all over the globe. Add to those Obama's expansion of military tribunals, indefinite detention, rendition, torture, intercepts, wiretaps, and Guantánamo Bay ...

Obama has increased the powers of the unitary executive too. He created the "right" to assassinate anyone the president pleases and expanded the powers of the president to make "preventive war," as witnessed by his single-handed making of war on Libya in the name of taking out our new#1 bogeyman, Colonel Gaddafi. "Obama turned America upside down ... in ways we could have scarcely imagined."

"War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength."

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