For the purposes of this post, it matters not whether you are "for" or "against" medical marijuana. This post is about the law ... and how the government blatantly flaunts it.

2 years ago, Michigan voters overwhelmingly approved passage of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA), making it legal for cancer patients and other ill people to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. But neither the will of the people, nor the law, has stopped "law enforcement" officials from making their own rules and carrying out literal terrorist raids against innocent citizens.

Yes, this is what a police state looks like.

No Law? No Warrant? No Problem!

Sal Agro, a 67-year-old man from Lake Orion, Michigan, died of a heart attack on September 2. Although those responsible for Agro's untimely death will never admit as much, he was the victim of an act of state terrorism carried out a week earlier by the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

In fact, Michigan "law enforcement" continues to go out of their way to flaunt the law.

Last June, with at least eight applications pending to open facilities like Clinical Relief, the Ferndale City Council imposed a temporary moratorium on dispensing medical marijuana while it explored new ways to harass the facilities through zoning restrictions.

On August 25, the Ferndale City Council lifted the moratorium. On the very next day, the local counter-narcotics Gestapo staged a paramilitary raid against several locations in Oakland County, arresting 15 people, confiscating cash and crops, illegally seizing medical records, and terrorizing unarmed, helpless people who suffer from cancer and other painful afflictions. Most importantly, of course, the raiders got a potent fix of their preferred narcotic -- the depraved thrill that comes from making powerless people submit to their whims.

It's hardly an exaggeration to characterize the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) as the local "Gestapo." Agro used that term to describe the ski mask-clad marauders who laid waste to his home, ripping apart furniture, throwing potting soil into the carpets and -- of course -- helping themselves to whatever cash they could find.

The same lawless behavior was on display at another facility called Everyone’s Café, where police threw cancer patients to the ground and held them at gunpoint.

Let's step into the real world for a second, shall we? There are exactly zero marijuana related deaths in all of recorded history. There are however, countless deaths of innocents associated with botched paramilitary police raids. And ski masks? Who are these "officials," Islamic terrorists?

So, why are they doing this? Why does "law enforcement" continue to flaunt the law? For many reasons, starting with "helping themselves to whatever cash they could find."

Think that's hyperbole? Think again. Local, state, and federal governments are all flat broke. Busted. Insolvent. Proving once again that, the welfare/warfare state is an economic impossibility. But I digress.

You can get over your bad selves too ... This "war" has nothing to do with morality. After all, you can't act like a tyrant, a terrorist, and kid yourself that you're doing something good. Sounds more like schizophrenia to me.

Any who ... Of course, there's the politics of it all ... the politics of exercising power, that is.

"I personally don't understand why the county would use such a large amount of precious law enforcement resources on something like this," objects Ferndale Mayor Craig Covey. "This was obviously a political move by the sheriff to flex his muscles and send a message that he does not want medical marijuana clinics in Oakland County."

Bouchard's admitted purpose in staging the raids was not to enforce the existing law, but rather to create a "test case" intended to change it, either in substance or in application. By strict definition, this was an exercise of violence against the helpless intended to bring about political change -- that is, an act of official terrorism.

Although Bouchard accuses medical marijuana advocates and providers of engaging in "organized crime," that description makes a much better fit when applied to the NET, which is a federally designated multi-agency task force. Thanks to an indulgence granted by the so-called Department of Justice, the NET has a license to steal in the name of "asset forfeiture."

Oh, and did I mention the money?

According to the Madison Heights Police Department's 2009 Annual Report, last year the NET seized a little more than a ton of marijuana and pilfered nearly $2 million through asset forfeiture. The August 26 raids pulled down tens of thousands of dollars in cash, including money the late Sal Agro and his wife Barbara had put aside toward the purchase of a new car.

That's a whole lotta violence, murder, theft, and disregard for the law going on in the name of "saving" people from themselves and from a plant that grows in the ground, isn't it? So how is it again, my Drug Warrior friends, that you support this violent and immoral behavior by your Government Betters?

You can have limited government or state-sponsored theft and terror (as described above), but you can't have both. You can have Rule of Law or Rule by Man (lawlessness), but you can't have both. You can have Jeffersonian liberty or Stalinesque rule (when did beheading become a conservative value?), but you can't have both.

It's time to choose America, which will it be?

Oops. Your Government Betters Are Actually Drug Dealers!

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