It becomes increasingly clear to me by the day that, total war and limited government are violently opposed. Simply put, we cannot have the limited form of government our Founders gave us and fight the type of wars we fight today.

My question for conservatives (please answer):

If you understand politicians and pundits lie about everything from TARP to "stimulus" to Christine O’Donnell, if you understand that the Republican Party lies about being for "limited government," why do you believe them when it comes to foreign policy? Doesn't logic dictate they lie about that too?

Evidence says they lie about foreign policy all the time. So, what's up?

I was writing a post about the Stupid Ground Zero Mosque which will have to wait now because of this great comment by republicanmother:

I would add Homeland Security to the list – all I’ve seen them do is harass private citizens and look the other way when it comes to real threats. I mean, isn’t it obvious by now that this War on Terrorism is a lot of crap, especially the the “terrorists” are using American weapons we gave them, sheesh.

Every war ever fought has been full of lies. Period. Lincoln lied. Wilson lied. FDR lied. LBJ lied. Bush lied. The CIA lies. Deal with it. Facts are facts. These people have done nothing to earn your blind trust and admiration, so stop sticking up for them. COINTELPRO ... guess what rightwinger ... they're coming after you!

The War on Terrorism is a load of crap! It's straight-up a bunch of bull shit. Look, the government had all the information it needed to stop the horrendous attacks on 9/11, but they failed. Miserably. Then the government blamed your freedom and passed the PATRIOT Act (which in reality was all about increasing their boot print on your face).

And you still trust them?

These same do-nothing politicians (who you know lie to you every day) failed to stop the Fort Hood Massacre and the Christmas Day Bombing, didn't they? As Flight 93 was heroically diverted from its target by everyday citizens, so too were these acts brought to an end by private individuals. The government did nothing. NOTHING. Well, except take more of your freedom away (and harass you at airports).

As Christians, how can you cheer on a war that IS NOT just? As Christians, where is your outreach programs to the innocents? Where is your Christian compassion? Or is mere Christianity unrealistic? Maybe it's me ... I must have missed Jesus' Kill 'Em All parable.

Foreign Policy Purity

More than anything, what got my head screwed on right about our current wars was the insistence of my fellow conservatives that being against the war was somehow, someway, "un-American."

How frickin' ridiculous! Are you trying to tell me it's "pro-American" to follow useless politicians blindly? If so, I suggest you learn some history. Because skepticism of politics and a deep distrust of power is indeed our American heritage. This "un-patriotic" crap is definitely one of my big pet peeves, but I'm thankful for it, because it finally drove me to question everything.

Foreign policy does not exist in a hermetically sealed environment of purity and "pro-American" virtue. The same fools who write destructive policy at home are writing destructive policy abroad. The idea that there are no negative consequences to the shenanigans played by politicians and bureaucrats overseas in our name, is beyond foolish and naive.

Sanctions are as barbaric as anything from Sharia Law. Yet today, Americans talk of sanctions as if they are "pussy-footing" around. What kind of animals have we become? The brutal sanctions enforced by the United States government against Iraq, for over 10 years, resulted in killing 200,000 - 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five.

You are justified in your anger over the deaths of 3,000+ fellow Americans on 9/11, are you not? Aren't they then, as individual people like you and I, justified in their anger over the deaths of hundreds of thousands of their children? Or are their children not worthy of life? When did these people attack us again?

Still wonder why "they hate us?" Couldn't possibly be the atrocious mass murder U.S. policy is responsible for, must be those dastardly freedoms we enjoy. Maybe our Overlords will take more away ... That'll show those Radical Islamists!

Don't believe the hype. All wars are started by the Ruling Class. Sanctions don't hurt politicians, government bureaucrats and the politically connected. Sanctions only hurt the innocent citizen who is simply trying to live his/her life.

"Our" wonderful CIA overthrew the popular and democratically elected administration of Mohammed Mossadegh and replaced him with the Shah of Iran, a violent, brutal dictator. Think about that for a minute. Still wonder how the U.S. became known as "The Great Satan?" Our freedoms, right? Yeah, that's it ... Foreign policy is pure.

The CIA brought Saddam Hussein to power and armed him. The CIA was in bed with Osama bin Laden. Our government has been in bed with pretty much all of the violent mass murderers over the past 100 years. Yet, you think these actions come without consequence? You think getting in bed with brutal dictators preserves your freedom? You still trust politicians? Really? Do you still smoke crack?

Modern War and the Ruling Class

On top of the half million Iraqi children that U.S. foreign policy is responsible for killing, it is also responsible for killing some 90,000+ innocents since 2003. How does that compare to the 3,000+ we lost again? So much for Christian Just War Theory, eh? Christian Community of Iraq Halved in Seven Years. War is like, so cool. The Prince of Peace, not so much.

Historically speaking, war didn't necessarily involve the wholesale killing of innocents like it does today. War took place between armies. Abe Lincoln brought much of this to an end when he ordered Southern cities be burned to the ground. Lincoln, directly responsible for the deaths of over 620,000 American lives, is no hero. Then the idea of "democracies" (which America is not supposed to be), claiming to represent "the people," turned war into "us vs. them," instead of as it had always been known before: ruler vs. ruler.

Did the Ruling Class represent you when they passed TARP or ObamaCare? What makes it different when they go to war? Or better said, send other people to war? What does Dick "I Heart Big Government" Cheney know that General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower didn't?

I may not agree with all of Eisenhower's decisions, but I know this much ... Cheney isn't worthy of wiping Eisenhower's ass. Bill Kristol is no better, who isn't tough enough to chew Major General Smedley D. Butler's gum, let alone earn Butler's extensive experience. But hey, those neocons love them some Progressive Party candidate Teddy Roosevelt ... I guess we're all progressives now ...

Modern warfare is nothing but mass murder for the benefit of the Ruling Class. Good, honest individuals who join the military pay with their lives. Think about that. Aren't their lives worth more than the petty grievances and desires of the criminal Ruling Class?

Look, no caveman on the other side of the globe can threaten your freedom. Not even with a nuke. Only the schmucks in Washington and/or your state capitol can (and do) threaten your freedom. Stop believing the lies. If they'll lie to you about abortion, or TARP, or O’Donnell ... they'll lie to you about war too. In fact, they already have.

Lies, lies, lies. Stop believing their stupid lies.

P.S. - Not to mention the not so small factoid that THERE IS NO MONEY!

  • Matt

    Keep on shaking folks up CL. You are doing a service here.

    • theCL

      Thanks. America is in crisis. I figure it's time to go hardcore, or just go home.

  • republicanmother

    Here's one I wrote in the comments on my blog:

    The history of world is full of pretexts that require actions.
    We know that the sinking of the Maine was a setup.
    We know that the Lusitania was a setup.
    We know that the US Navy was practicing wargames off the coast of Japan just prior to Pearl Harbor.
    We know that the Gulf on Tonkin incident was made up.
    We know that the WMDs that were supposed to be in Iraq were moved, but we didn't go after them, ergo they were not the true objective.
    We know that in Nov. of '01, the army had Bin Ladin surrounded on three sides, but not on the obvious escape route to Pakistan. He was not pursued, ergo, he is not the true objective.

    Remember in kindergarten, math problems like this:
    square, circle, square, circle .....
    You know what I mean, how long before we start to get a clue?

    BTW, whatever happened to the 2.3 Trillion dollars that went missing right before 9/11? Did Rumsfeld ever find that or what?

  • Todd

    As a conservative, I would prefer to see a dramatically different foreign policy as well. Something that remotely relates to the ideas recognized in the constitution. Like the great Thomas Jefferson position "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none." Not only should we bring home our military men and women in the 100+ other countries they are currently stationed but we need to cut foreign aid as well. The greatness of this country was built on the principal on limiting coercion and power . Our foreign policies are just coercion from financial and militaries standpoints.