It looks like there's more trouble in Obama's White House ... Rahm is rumored to be on his way out.

Who knows ... It sounds like Rahm Emanuel is the one quitting, but I wouldn't be surprised if Obama was throwing him under the bus. The Obama administration is under a lot of pressure right now. With the help of a Democratic controlled Congress, he pushed through an expensive "stimulus" bill that of course, didn't work. His administration ignored well settled law to payoff the unions with auto bailout money. The healthcare bill they passed is extremely unpopular. He's been aloof, not bothering to hold press conferences. The administration has been a disaster in terms of handling the oil spill, hiring a bunch of lawyers to manage the clean up. Adding fuel to the fire, Obama wants to push through a cap and trade bill which will drive everyone's energy costs sky high.

Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House

Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, is expected to leave his job later this year after growing tired of the "idealism" of Barack Obama's inner circle.

It is well known in Washington that arguments have developed between pragmatic Mr Emanuel, a veteran in Congress where he was known for driving through compromises, and the idealistic inner circle who followed Mr Obama to the White House.

His abrasive style has rubbed some people the wrong way, while there has been frustration among Mr Obama's closest advisers that he failed to deliver a smooth ride for the president's legislative programme that his background promised.

Rahm Swan Song?

So it sounds to me that the realpolitik of Chicago is losing out to the Ivory Tower buffoonery.

Let’s face it: running banana republic-style regime in a country where people are armed and can still speak out is hahrd.

Dems Blame Rahm Emanuel For Their Failed Far Left Policies & Chicago-Style Thug Politics

Democrats are upset because their big government, budget-busting, Chicago-style politics have failed and been rejected by Americans. They’re looking for a scapegoat for their horrific record and are targeting Rahm Emanuel.

Attack Speed, Rahmming Speed!

It is straightforward enough, but its plaintext meaning is so puzzling one suspects that like many recent signals from the executive branch, the real message is written in cipher. But it is intentionally weakly enciphered because whoever leaked the story meant it to be decrypted. So let’s try a few ciphertext substitutions and examine the possibilities.

The key question to settle in choosing the right version is deciding who is ditching whom. Is Rahm Emanuel firing a shot across the president’s bow or is the president telling Rahm to get with the program? The internal evidence suggests that Rahm Emanuel is doing the warning because the far future date of his supposed departure would be unlikely if the message came from “Barack Obama” or “Barack Obama’s inner circle.” But there is enough ambiguity built into the message to allow for plausible deniability. Rahm is warning his boss as strongly as he possibly can without being overtly insubordinate.

So this is how the message might read. “Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, is threatening to leave his job later this year unless Barack Obama gets real. Rahm has made a lot of personal sacrifices to join the White House. He gave up being a congressman, Chicago deep dish pizza and being a father to his children for what? To be blamed as abrasive when the midterm disaster unfolds. No way he’s taking the fall for that. But just to show the boss he’s not scared, not a rat — not until the last moment anyway — he’ll stay until the midterm disaster makes it absolutely clear that all his warnings about futzing around have come true.

Rahm Emanuel To Quit White House?

Something tells me that Rahm won’t be the only one looking for an exit after midterms. The oil spill has washed away any of the Hopey Changey hype of 2008. What is left will be pretty hard to defend going into 2012. Add on the inevitable circular firing squad that is sure to follow the massive Democratic losses in November and I am certain Rahm won’t be the only one looking for the door.

Look, if Rahm Emanuel thinks the Obama agenda is too aggressive, that should be all the warning you need to understand just how radical Obama's agenda truly is. Think about it, despite the economy continuing to tank, he just continues headstrong on his mission to fundamentally change America. So if Rahm is trying to slow him down, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Obama is throwing him under the bus. Then why not now? With the midterm elections coming up he needs Emanuel, but after that, not so much. On the flip-side, looking out for his own career, it wouldn't surprise me if Rahm is jumping off Obama's sinking ship.

At this point however, it's all just a rumor. So stay tuned.

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