It's too easy to blame it all on the Democrats.  Let's face it ... the federal budget is unsustainable and very few in Washington even care.

And you better believe it too ... Republican politicians are every bit as guilty as Democrats! There are no excuses.  The tired-old argument of Democrat vs. Republican is dead.

Never forget, it was Republican President George W. Bush, who at the end of his term declared (Nov. 16, 2008):

I'm abandoning free-market principles to save the free-market system.

Funny how politicians always need to "abandon" freedom in order to save it, isn't it?  Kinda like "we need to take on more debt because we're in debt."  It's all nonsensical gibberish.

Bush "abandoned" the free-market too, after he had already expanded the size and scope of the federal government more than any other president since FDR!  And the icing on the cake?  His emergency "bailout" extravaganzaa gift to Obama, who is now using it to expand our federal government at light-speed (because there's a "crisis")!

Boy, if I was the tinfoil-hat wearing type of guy ... I'd question the timing of it all, especially considering how well it worked out for Obama's ambitions.  But, to be skeptical these days, is to succumb to lunacy!

Don't you know Republicans are different than Democrats?  Politicians are honest, they don't have bad or "hidden" agendas.  Sometimes they just make bad decisions.

Yeah, right.

The South Carolina Supreme Court forced Governor Mark Sanford to take the stimulus money, and as Jack Hunter points out:

... there are only two groups happy with South Carolina being forced to take the $700 million in stimulus the governor was trying to reject - liberal and moderate Democrats and liberal and moderate Republicans.

Reason Foundation:

Essentially, this unanimous ruling from the SC Supreme Court requires fiscal irresponsibility on behalf of the state, particularly since the state legislature has already passed a budget that counts on the money for education. Gov. Sanford had asked the legislature to make equalizing cuts elsewhere in the budget to accommodate the $700 million, but they refused to do so.

Gov. Sanford was attacked by his fellow state Republicans for not wanting to accept stimulus money.  The following statement is quite telling:

"His strategy of constantly attacking Republicans is what has got him where he has few allies." - South Carolina State Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell (R).

In other words ... The Party doesn't support politicians who are good for their community, they support politicians who are good for The Party.  And you better play their game too, or they'll attack you more ferociously than you'll ever see them go after a Democrat.

More from Analysis - Stimulus sets Sanford's finale(emphasis added):

Still, Sanford eked gains. He convinced legislators to take his vetoes more seriously and follow rules in overriding them; the Senate overhauled its rules, reducing the ability of a single lawmaker to block bills. He counts small business tax cuts, more choice in some schooling, and overhauls of the state's lawsuit limits and workers' compensation laws as victories.

Along the way, he's repeatedly railed against what he considers flawed systems: a lack of truly conservative Republicans, how the Supreme Court works, and - especially - the lack of power given governors of South Carolina. On this, too, he's won some power for his successors: rolling the departments of Transportation and Motor Vehicles under his control, and successfully fighting in court over limits to how lawmakers can approve legislation.

"There is something fundamentally strange about a Republican-controlled House and Senate overriding a governor's veto so that they can be represented in court by the past chairman of the Democratic Party of South Carolina," Sanford said.

Conservatives must realize that fighting for conservatism, also means fighting the Republican Party!

Too many Republican politicians are only after their type of Big Government. They may talk a "free-market" game, but the truth is, they have no interest in a "free-market" at all.

Then what McConnell says on his website is truly amazing:

This influx of money is temporary and I fear it will drastically damage our nation. While our federal government becomes majority owner in private companies like General Motors, foreign nations like China become majority owners of our debts. You and I know what debt means. It means someone else owns you. It means you are not truly free.

It's becoming more evident every time President Obama reads from his teleprompter that our nation's freedom is as risk. This federal bailout will only cause more economic strife. Big government will not grow our economy. It will only grow inflation while energy costs skyrocket, businesses struggle to keep their doors open, workers lose their jobs, and more Americans become dependent on government handouts.

That's right.  Debt slaves.

How does this guy sleep at night?  Or should I ask, how does he tell his own lies from the truth?

What is his excuse for supporting this immoral "stimulus bill"?  How does he justify laying these heavy burdens at the feet of our children, grandchildren and beyond?

I also realize that the only thing more fiscally irresponsible than spending money we don't have is allowing our taxpayers to pay back money spent in other states. South Carolina taxpayers will be footing the bill so we should take the money to help fund the basic core functions of state government.

Jack Hunter:

My only problem with McConnell and Republicans who think like him is - if you acknowledge that there is this much larger problem of outlandish deficit spending, who is ever going to do anything about it? For decades, SC state Republicans never have and never will. And are now happy that Mark Sanford won't be able to either.

Jack, conservatives need A Very Strong Cup of Reality - The Republican Party Establishment doesn't want to do anything about it.  They are Big Government.