Resolution 2010

theCL  2009-12-29  Blogosphere

More or less, we've had the same talking-heads, pundits, policy wonks and politicians yappin' at us for as long as I can remember. And look where that's got us!

You can put your trust in the hands of the same tired old people who advised us into this mess ... Hey, maybe they'll get it right one of these days ... Or you can listen to different voices and gain a fresh perspective. It's up to you.


Conservatives have been arguing with each other longer than the movement's actual recorded history. Disagreement is nothing new. Nor is it scary.

I was once asked about why I quoted Milton Friedman, yet disagree with him on monetary policy. Simple. I don't disagree with everything he says. I don't always agree with everything I read or link to either, and I often agree with people on topics while disagreeing with them on a host of others.

How can one learn without being challenged? Besides, preaching to the choir is boring.

Contrary to popular opinion, the right-side of the political spectrum is chock full of amazing minds, and luckily, many of them march to the beat of their own drum. Conventional (mainstream) wisdom has brought the country to near collapse. They have failed miserably.

There are many voices on the right which you may disagree with in the end, but none the less, their argument is valid and worth considering. So in no particular order, let me suggest a few venues for you to gain a fresh perspective.

The Other McCain: If you want to know what's going on in politics, "Shoe leather" McCain is reporting on it! Stacy also throws in a lot of good homespun wisdom while sidekick Smitty brings regular doses of federalism and '80's hard rock!

Washington Rebel: This is my kind of blog, because you never know what you're gonna get. Well, you do know one thing, there'll be lots of pretty girls! Spend time with this blog. You'll learn a lot.

Mises Economics Blog: Would you like to definitively know more about economics than the entire Washington brain trust combined? Then read the Mises Economics Blog! It's that simple.

Lew Rockwell: If liberty, truth and justice mean anything to you at all, you should be reading Lew Rockwell on a daily basis.

Doug Ross: Solid information and quality humor. What more can you ask for?

The Daley Gator: Funny and on top of all the latest news!

Ilana Mercer: No holds barred, straight-up classic liberalism!

Judicial Watch: Keep up with political crime and corruption.

Daily Pundit: Bill Quick is no Republican bandwagon hack. Get a fresh perspective at the Daily Pundit!

The Freeman: I've been reading The Freeman (print edition) for close to 20 years. If you truly want to understand economics and political philosophy, read The Freeman. Some of the best stuff available on the net!

The Classic Liberal Blog: Um, duh!

This is just a small sampling of the many "new" voices on the right. More to come in a post near you.