The allure of Obamunism illustrated by a cartoon

Repeal the 17th!

What Al-Haramain Says, And What It Doesn’t Say

Has the Two-Party System Failed?

Waving the White Flag on Personal Responsibility?

Action is purposive conduct. It is not simply behavior, but behavior begot by judgments of value, aiming at a definite end and guided by ideas concerning the suitability or unsuitability of definite means. . . . It is conscious behavior. It is choosing. It is volition; it is a display of the will. -- Ludwig von Mises

Deficit Tops the Public's Long-Term Worries, But Are They Ready to Act?

Atlas Shrugged Quote of the Week

Who’s Supreme? The Supremacy Clause Smackdown

Representative Government or Reprehensible Government?

It is a widespread fallacy that skillful advertising can talk the consumers into buying everything that the advertiser wants them to buy. The consumer is, according to this legend, simply defenseless against high-pressure advertising. If this were true, success or failure in business would depend on the mode of advertising only. -- Ludwig von Mises

Will the Medical Marijuana Movement Survive Wal-Mart?

The Perils of Prohibition

Prole-Feed and the Usurpation of Power by America’s Elected Servants

The Case Against An Article V Constitutional Convention

Militias Raided, Biometrics Building, Obama’s Army, Agenda 21 Exposed

The most serious dangers for American freedom and the American way of life do not come from without. -- Ludwig von Mises

Anarchists Unite! Crash the Tea Parties!

Who are the "far right" fascists? Threatened by rise of tea partiers and libertarians, neocon Fox News sicks the Feds on alternative Right media

Seeing red over yellow lights. Experts say three seconds is not long enough

We Have Nothing to Fear, but Obama

March Madness on the Potomac: The Final Four, most effective Texas lawmakers

Those politicians, professors and union bosses who curse big business are fighting for a lower standard of living. -- Ludwig von Mises

The Business End of Economics

Big Brother on Your Trail

Well, Well, Well … I Told You So

Policing for Profit


Under capitalism, material success depends on the appreciation of a mans achievements on the part of the sovereign consumers. In this regard there is no difference between the services rendered by a manufacturer and those rendered by a producer, an actor or a playwright. -- Ludwig von Mises

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