I gave myself a vacation from blogging over the past few days. Hey, you have to walk away once and awhile, even from the things you love.

Any who ... Here's some links I collected ...

P.S. - Rule 5 Saturday will be updated with links!

Fed Chief Warns of Fiscal Impact of Aging Population

Obama’s Costly Student Loan Takeover

5 things we should have known about the Health Care Reform Act before it passed, but didn’t

He’s Got a Ph.D. and a Nobel Prize, But . . .

Tolerance Mafia

The States Must Rise Again: The Only Way to Combat Obama's Socialist Agenda

The evil that a man inflicts on his fellow man injures both not only the one to whom it is done, but also the one who does it. Nothing corrupts a man so much as being an arm of the law and making men suffer. -- Ludwig von Mises

The Railroading of Tonya Craft

Obama & Co. Want National Biometric ID

National ID Card Being Sponsored by Lindsey Graham (Progressive-SC)

The San Francisco Board of Supervisor Sophie Maxwell Urges Meatless Mondays

Meddling Where We Oughtn't

Coming Undone

The corruption of the regulatory bodies does not shake his blind confidence in the infallibility and perfection of the state; it merely fills him with moral aversion to entrepreneurs and capitalists. -- Ludwig von Mises

Women's Inhumanity to Women, Next Chapter

"Der Feuer" Continues Hate Campaign Against Gun Owners

If Heart Attacks Fall in a City Without a Smoking Ban, Do They Still Make Headlines?

State's tentacles choke freedom at every turn

MARK LEVIN: Civil disobedience is coming...

Union Memo Hints At Gov.'s Death

The characteristic feature of all utopian plans from that of Plato down to that of Marx is the rigid petrification of all human conditions. Once the perfect state of social affairs is attained, no further changes ought to be tolerated. -- Ludwig von Mises

How the CIA is sneaking into our universities

Over the Counter Goes Under

States delay tax refunds to help the bottom line

Cleverest women are the heaviest drinkers

Who are the REAL racists?

The Great Reawakening of American Federalism

Everybody is free to abstain from reading books, magazines, and newspapers he dislikes and to recommend to other people to shun these books, magazines, and newspapers. -- Ludwig von Mises

When did 'anti-government' become a bad thing?

The Apostles of Inflation

Paul Krugman: We Need Inflation, and Lots of It

Constitutional Ignorance on Display

Our Financiers

Al Capone–Style Health Care

The most serious dangers for American freedom and the American way of life do not come from without. -- Ludwig von Mises