Great moments in Publik Edumacation: Banning “best friends”

AGW Today: Dumping Iron At Sea To Reduce A Fake Issue. What Could Go Wrong?

Atlanta expected to pay $20,000 to woman arrested for asking a police officer ‘why'

Food prices to rise by up to 40% over next decade, UN report warns

Police Misconduct and Public Accountability: What are they trying to hide?

Are we in Afghanistan to defend the Kabul government's right to kill Christian converts?

CT-Sen: Schiff On the Ballot; Let’s Make It Matter

A summer reading list for the senator

Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds. -- Henry Brooks Adams (1838-1918) Historian and Author

Sarah Palin: Smoking Pot Is No Big Deal

John Stossel Takes On The War On (Some) Drugs


Is Your Home Safe from the Government?

Should France Invade Greece?

Tips for Managing a Long Distance Relationship

Self-Sufficiency E-Books Available at Project Gutenberg

Boater chases mysterious periscope off Hollywood beach

Modern politics is, at bottom, a struggle not of men but of forces. The men become every year more and more creatures of force, massed about central powerhouses. The conflict is no longer between the men, but between the motors that drive the men, and the men tend to succumb to their own motive forces. -- Henry Brooks Adams (1838-1918) Historian and Author

Part Motorcycle, Part Tank: Hyanide and Baal Concept Bikes

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

Watch Out! He's Got A Camera!

Judge Napolitano - On The Oil Spill

The World’s Big, Fat, Greek Bailout

Democrat Senate to Promote Rapist, Serial Killer Apologist to 2nd Circuit Court

Public sector pay, conditions outstrip private sector

What is Limited Government?

You can’t use tact with a Congressman! A Congressman is a hog! You must take a stick and hit him on the snout! -- Henry Brooks Adams (1838-1918) Historian and Author

Crowding Out Government

Guess who holds patent for carbon-trading plan

Crisis and Leviathan: A Real World Example

Trashing the Constitution: More “Change” from DC

Who Owns You?

Flying in the face of zero tolerance

Crude Realities

The coming crises

Power is poison. Its effect on Presidents had always been tragic. -- Henry Brooks Adams (1838-1918) Historian and Author


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    The hardest working man in the Blogosphere...hands down. Thanks CL.

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  • Nate Nelson

    Thanks for the link, adding you to my blogroll. I tend toward classical liberalism myself, although I call myself a conservative because I think the term is mostly adequate.

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