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The left’s zombie “meme” – “we the ungovernable, the unreasonable, the irrational”

Public schools are government-established, politician- and bureaucrat-controlled, fully politicized, taxpayer-supported, authoritarian socialist institutions. In fact, the public-school system is one of the purest examples of socialism existing in America. -- Thomas L. Johnson

“So the trend of the world — even after the meltdown of September 2008 — is away from statism, except in the United States.”

I’d Prefer “Anthropogenic Planetary Meteorological Destabilization.”

Handsome. Intelligent. Funny. Handsome.

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Government is force, and politics is the process of deciding who gets to use it on whom. This is not the best way to solve problems. -- Richard Grant

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We cannot restore traditional American freedom unless we limit the government's power to tax. No tinkering with this, that, or the other law will stop the trend toward socialism. We must repeal the Sixteenth Amendment. -- Frank Chodorov

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As the state grows, one’s sense of self-ownership is destroyed, liberty is traded for "security," the human spirit diminishes, and the citizenry increasingly thinks and behaves like dependent children. -- Eric Englund