This blog, which is me, endorses Ron Paul for president in 2012. He's the only candidate who understands economics, and the only candidate who takes America's limited-government ideals seriously.

Ron Paul will announce his candidacy today.

Ron Paul is already showing strong numbers in early polling. As Public Policy Polling's Tom Jensen says, "Ron Paul's not as big of a joke as people think." We still a long way to go before the 2012 election too, and as the economy continues to decline and House Republican leadership continues to disappoint, Ron Paul's numbers will grow.

Barry Goldwater, Jr. endorsed Ron Paul in 2008, and praised Paul's book, "The Revolution: A Manifesto":

The real truth about Liberty. This book takes a wrecking ball to the political establishment. Senator Goldwater would have loved it -- it's The Conscience of a Conservative for the 21st century. -- Barry M. Goldwater, Jr., former member of Congress


When the GOP Establishment did everything they could to stop him in 1996, Steve Forbes headed to Texas to stump for Ron Paul:

Ron has been on the ramparts of changing the tax code, giving us more freedom - taking it away from They the Government, returning it to We the People. -- Steve Forbes

Forbes also recommends Paul's book "End the Fed," and the policy prescriptions behind it. Click here to watch Dr. Ron Paul and Steve Forbes discuss what is encompassed by the congressman's bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

Glenn Beck says Ron Paul "is probably closer to our founding fathers than probably anybody else out there right now as far as an understanding of limited government."

Speaking at the Heritage Foundation in 2007, legendary conservative columnist Robert Novak endorsed Ron Paul saying, "He's a very engaging person ... I'd like to see him as president. Can you imagine him at the United Nations?"

Ronald Reagan's budget guru David Stockman endorsed Ron Paul because he's "the only politician who understand­s what's going on":

He says that Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) is the only politician today "who gets it" and he’s hopeful that Paul's growing power may begin to shed light on "the scholastic arrogance" of the Federal Reserve. He’s still against the welfare-warfare state and he thinks government should be cut down to size.

Ronald Reagan's Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, believes Ron Paul is "the only principled Republican candidate and a person who without any doubt believes in the Constitution and would protect it."

President Ronald Reagan declared: "Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country."

Other Endorsements:

I strongly support Ron Paul. We very badly need to have more representatives in the House who understand in a principled way the importance of property rights and religious freedom. -- Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize Economist

The only one behaving like a real republican is Ron Paul, who actually wants to cut spending and get government out of our lives. He won’t win the nomination because too many republicans are into handouts and redistribution, just like democrats. -- Cal Thomas, American conservative syndicated columnist

If the Framers of the Constitution were somehow to come back, Ron Paul is one of possibly only three people in Congress that they’d even talk to. -- Walter Williams, John M Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, syndicated columnist, author, and regular fill-in for Rush Limbaugh

Even Hotties are 4 Ron-Paul!

While not necessarily a supporter of Ron Paul, The Other McCain's Smitty (currently deployed on active duty) says of Paul's foreign policy:

The bulk of conservatives love to pile on Ron Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy ideas. As I’ve briefly tried to show above, Paul is playing the classic American card. As much as conservatives love to fling poo at the Progressive State of America for trashing traditional constitutionalism and selling us into debt slavery, [Team America: World Police] is a highly progressive approach. That’s the historical argument as I see it.

The Blogosphere:

Vox Popoli: The fact that Ron Paul was absolutely right about everything he warned Republicans during the last primary should make him the automatic nominee ... I can't wait to hear Romney stumbling over his defenses of invading Libya, raising the debt ceiling, and letting the banks off with foot massages since hand slaps would be too harsh.

Don Surber: Ron Paul makes more sense in 2012 ... His rants against the Federal Reserve in 2008 now seem prophetic.

Donklephant: Ron Paul represents a very specific point of view with the GOP field and he carries with him a constituency that won’t vote for just anybody ... Paul is an iconoclast who won’t play ball with the traditional GOP. This may make him can outcast, but at least he sticks to his guns.

The Iowa Republican: Congressman Paul continues to make history as he champions issues many republicans are not willing to make such a strong stand on like ending the Federal Reserve and his conservative views on war.

Robert Wenzel: Ron Paul in the White House ... in my mind is like having Thomas Jefferson in the White House (maybe a little better).

Daily Pundit: I’m not going to automatically reject him this time around. Especially not with the GOP looking as if it’s going to try to shove down out throats serve up Mr. Massachusetts RomneyCare while “Spend It All Boner” rides herd on the House.

Joe Weisenthal: It's just obvious that in the last four years, since the last time Ron Paul ran for President, the ideological center of gravity in the GOP -- and the whole country for that matter -- has shifted a lot closer to Ron Paul's position ... It's inconceivable to think that in the GOP primary, candidates won't be asked for their position on Bernanke, quantitative easing, the role of the dollar, and of all the candidates, only Ron Paul has made a career on all these issues ... In 2008, the GOP primary was dominated by Serious candidates like Mitt Romney and John McCain and Fred Thompson and even Rudy Giuliani. They were content to basically ignore what Ron Paul had to say. This time, they'll be fighting on his turf.

Left Coast Rebel: Ron Paul has been warning Americans of incrementalism like this for decades: government programs (like welfare, assistance, food stamps, et al.) start out with "noble" intentions but end up becoming a beast that devours the individual soul, creates giant swaths of dependant classes, squeezes creative, productive earners and eventually creates the precise opposite of the purported intended consequence.

Political positions of Ron Paul.

Support Ron Paul!

  • ScratcherMMBI

    I knew you were a Paul admirer...

    I'm curious as to why Paul but not Gary Johnson? I'm a big fan, and was really excited when he announced. (In fact, I was surprised by Paul's announcement, as I thought he'd stated he would support Johnson.)

    Interested in your thoughts on Johnson...

    • theCL

      I’m curious as to why Paul but not Gary Johnson?

      And I'm curious why Johnson and not Paul?

      I'm an economics guy, and Ron Paul knows what he's talking about. He was trying to pass legislation to stop the housing bubble back in 2002. Yeah, he's always that far ahead of the Establishment/media crowd. He's right about the dollar. He's right about the Federal Reserve. He's principled, with a track-record going back to the 70's to prove it. He's a Christian and socially conservative, yet wants the government out of the "punishing sin" business. He wants to reduce executive power. While Johnson has many strong points, Ron Paul is the real deal. One of these days I'll write a post comparing the two.

      • ScratcherMMBI

        I guess the most honest answer is I know more about Johnson. I'm not opposed to Paul, per se. I'd be really interested to read your comparison, when you write it. (When Johnson announced, this site was one of my first stops, looking for your opinion.) I'll take a closer look at Paul as well...

  • Soapboxgod

    Ron Paul all the way. I supported him in 2008. I remember what a damn travesty it was that we had to leave the convention in St. Paul (I was a delegate) in 2008 to head over to the Target Center for his Rally for the Republic because the bastard GOP establishment wouldn't let him in the building in St. Paul. His time is now.

    What's more, anyone that accepts the notion that "he's not electable" and as such opts not to support and/or vote for him is only fulfilling their own prophecy.

    Gary Johnson is a good candidate too but Ron Paul has been fighting this fight for over 20 years; speaking truth and saying things when no-one cared to listen.

    • theCL

      “he’s not electable”

      A stupid Gate Keeper mantra to keep the sheeple voting for the Establishment.

  • Frank Koza

    I heartily endorse this endorsement. :)

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  • Barb

    I've always liked Paul, but I'll be voting for Herman Cain. He has all the leadership qualities to get us back to the constitution. I think he is more electable.

  • George Washington

    Constitutionally, legislatively, and morally, Ron Paul has no equal. His 22 year voting record speaks for itself. The World is watching. Ron Paul for President in 2012.
    Thank You

    ttp:// The facts speak for themselves

  • The Silver Junkie

    Ron Paul 2012
    Expose the Fed NOW!
    Buy Silver!
    Invest in yourself
    Support Ron Paul

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